So You Want To Buy an Optimist? A guide for parents

Congratulations! Whatever has driven you to buy a boat for your child is an amazing investment for their sailing future. Having their own boat will (hopefully) teach them responsibility and taking pride in their things, like that pet goldfish they got for Christmas two years ago that you now feed once a week.

Whether you are buying a boat for your child to continue learning the fundamentals in or if you're buying a boat for your child to race in we are here to help and to answer any questions you may have. Sturgis Boat Works is THE Youth & Performance Sailing Experts.

Getting The "Right" Boat

If you are not familiar with sailing getting all the correct gear for your kids can be daunting. Well we're here to help you with all the sailing lingo and making sure you have all the correct gear for your child, we won't try to sell you on any unnecessary "extras".

Fareast Optimist

Sturgis Boat Works has the best optimists in the US. We offer two brands: Winner, the most prestigious optimist builder in the world and our brand Fareast Boats. Both boats are of high quality and have warranties that we 100% support.


Winner Optimists are designed and produced in Denmark. As one of the oldest optimist builders in the game they know exactly what they are doing when it comes to building the perfect optimist.

When the optimists arrive to our shop in Hyannis we carefully unload them from the container and get them ready to deliver to our customers. The majority of the boats are already sold, some are even custom designs that customers designed on the Winner website and have been waiting a few months for. We always have a few boats on hand to sell at the shop as well as on display in our optimist room.

We offer four different optimist packages at SBW:

For first time boat buyers buying an optimist "package" is usually the best route to go because not only do you save a few hundred dollars but we can also make sure you have everything you need before your new boat leaves our shop.

Winner 3D Star Package

The complete setup. You get the boat, the spars, and the sail. Other additional options that we recommend are top and bottom covers (to protect the boat during transportation and the winter months, a blade bag ( to protect the rudder and daggerboard), an spar bag (to protect the spars and sail) and a dolly (to roll the boat from point A to point B).

What's Included:

  • 3D Star Hull
  • DSK Blades (rudder and daggerboard)
  • Black Gold or MK IV spars
  • Choice of an Olimpic, North or J Sail
  • Air bags
  • Lines and rigging
Winner 3D Star Package

Fareast Championship Package

Similar to the Winner 3D Star Package, the Winner Championship Package comes in second for our top of the line packages. Just like our Winner 3D Star Package, the Fareast Championship Package comes fully equipped.

What's Included:

  • What's Included:
  • Championship Hull
  • Green Race Blades
  • Championship Spars
  • North, Olimpic or J Sail
  • Rigging lines
  • Airbags
Fareast Championship Package

Fareast Regatta Package

This is our 3rd optimist package, perfect for the green fleet racer who may spend another year or two in green fleet before making the jump to championship fleet. The great part about this option is that this boat is great for the young racer still learning the "ropes" as they excel with their abilities and skills it'll be simple spar, blade and sail upgrade in years time.

What's Included:

  • Championship Hull
  • Epoxy Race Blades
  • Championship Spars
  • North Crossover Sail (light or heavy depending on the sailors weight)
Fareast Regatta Package

Fareast Club Package

This package is made for young sailors who are ready for their own boat but are still a few years away from the racing scene. With a simple hull, blades and spars your sailor will be comfortable and not overwhelmed.

What's Included:

  • Club Hull
  • Epoxy Race Blades
  • Club Spars
  • Club Sail


We always recommend a few additional items when you buy a brand-new boat, like most new things you want to keep them as new as possible.

  • Top and Bottom Covers-both are great for when you are transporting your boat and even better for winter storage. Having the top cover on during the summer when the boat isn't being used is always a must!
  • Opti Blade Bag-This is a great way to protect your blades (rudder and daggerboard) from getting major scratches
  • Opti Mast Bag-This is a great way to protect your sail but also your spars. The spars can take a beating but your sail can last a few good years if properly taken care of (not crumpled but carefully rolled along the boom)
  • Dolly-If you are launching your boat into the water from the beach a dolly is a great thing to have on hand!


Ready to buy an optimist? Or just have additional questions about rigging, sails, etc.? Please email:


Catherine Towner, Marketing/Sponsorhips, 508.778.9187


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