#GYA Season of Prayer Day 4: Gifts

Gifts are God’s grace manifest in the kingdom.

We do not earn them. We do not deserve them. They are provided by the Spirit for the building of His church.

Have you ever found yourself thinking of gifts in a very different way? Perhaps you feel that certain gifts are lacking in our congregation. Or, your friend’s church seems to be bursting at the seams with gifts, while ours experiences gift-poverty.

There is nothing easy about understanding gifts and how or why we receive them. Often, the seemingly uneven distribution of gifts feels unfair.

In the overview of churches, there are ones immensely gifted—but maybe not in the way you would expect. In churches there is a wide range of diversity in financial and human resources. Some are richer, others poorer. Some are large, others small. In churches, there is an array of gifts in action, just as God has promised. We’re tempted sometimes to focus on the gift, however may there be merit rather to give attention to the Giver and the gifted?


If you find yourself doubting the ability of our own congregation to engage young people, you are not alone. Not every believer receives the same gifts. Not every church exhibits the same strengths. But today speak thanks to God for those gifts present in your church, and what can be accomplished.

What we know, though, is that the Lord of the harvest provides for us in this endeavor. We can ask our God for what we need. Pray for gifts not yet, and ones on the way. Pray for a receptive heart for the gifts that look strange to diverse generations, and ask the Lord to magnify them for His glory.

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