Perfachhi Pre-prod performance monitoring developer tool for Android apps


Get close to real-time metrics across the devices the APK is installed on, understand where the results are coming from and filter what's required for you to debug

Memory Leaks

Get instant updates of all the memory leaks with logs to make it easier to debug.

Garbage collection

The missing piece and the most important piece of how memory is being utilised and optimised. With co-relation to other parameters, you can now specifically pin point the largest object in your code.


For every GC, for every API call there is something that is getting impacted. With 144hz coming in, you need to know how you are handling the frames.

Network and API

If you want to know the flow in which the API & network is being consumed? Which API fails, how much data does your app consume? - Capture the data as a workflow for better understanding of your API calls.