Mars By Xavier c.

Geo space, period 3/12/7


I will launch at Florida, August 21st, 2020. I would try to explore mars and see if people can live on mars. It will only take 289 days to get to mars. We sent a ship about a week a head of the launch in order to send supplies. On that ship, we sent the supplies needed to build habitats, storage facilities and workshop space. We also sent needed extraction equipment for initially for water and oxygen, later for wider cross section of minerals, building materials. We are ready to launch to our mission to mars.

Crew selection

James Smith has a Bachelor of space degree and mechanical engineering, he also has a doctor medicine degree. His job is chief flight surgeon and medical consultant. Brittney Wilson has a master science degree and doctor of philosophy degree. And her job is mission scientist. Jason Scott has a colonel in the air force and a master of science. His job is flight, crew operation and director. Valerie Voss has a master degree, Electrical Engineering, computer, and studied space physics and has a doctor in apron antics. In two years, all astronauts must learn about the space shuttle, be part of a team, classes in medical training and other physical training.

Space Travel

Rocket - Falcon 9 uses nine Merlin engines and aluminum-lithium alloy tanks containing liquid oxygen and rocket-grade kerosene propellant. The rocket is long and skinny, and is very light. The rocket includes the Dragon Spacecraft, which will hold the crew.

Crew Safety - The rocket has protective steel to prevent meteorites from getting into the rocket like a bullet because meteorites travel faster than an actual bullet from a gun. To help the crew with zero gravity to not break down our bones if we had no gravity. They need centrifugal force machine to exercise in the space craft. And radiation takes risk for the astronauts to travel to mars. Astronauts needed space suits to breath in oxygen to survive on mars and they needed pressurized to balance on mars. They needed food to survive while traveling to mars. They needed habitats to live in while they are in mars. They needed food that will last for couple of years.

Living on Mars

Astronauts needed a home for them to sleep in, to eat in the kitchen, they also needed a bathroom. They needed the same stuff from spacesuits and space craft. But for example, they needed something to protect themselves from meteoroid. Something to keep the temperature even. Astronauts uses space craft as a home. We definitely needed to grow food and recycle water. The experiment that the astronauts will do when they land on mars is to see if mars is a good place to live in. To see if we could grow crops in mars. And see if there is water on mars.

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