Indoor Soccer Destini SOares

  • Indoor soccer is derived from a regular game of soccer
  • The sport is a combination of soccer and futsal
  • America is one of the most popular places to play

Field Regulations

  • In the U.S the game is typically played in an enclosed arena.
  • Surrounded by walls (sometimes glass walls and nets are used)
  • Typical size of a hockey rink
  • Played on synthetic turf

How it's Played

  • Time is divided into 15 minute quarters
  • 6 players
  • Object of the game is the same of a regular soccer game

Rules and Regulations

  • Players are allowed to use the wall to kick the ball off of
  • "Out of bounds" free kick
  • Players may sub at anytime
  • Slide tackling is usually banned
  • No offsides calls
  • "The Box"


  • Fast Feet
  • Use the walls
  • One touch
  • Shoot often
  • Play fast

It is more common to be a soccer player than an 'indoor soccer player'. That being said, many club teams will form teams to play in the indoor league.


  • Contact more frequently
  • Wall hits
  • Endurance
  • Fast pace
  • All around player


  • Unpredicatble
  • Strategy is different because of the field size and walls
  • Less time to think
  • Control your own strength


Contributing Factors

  • Referees
  • Teamwork
  • Fans
  • Coaches
  • Turf

Self Talk

Task specific statements relating to the technique -words or statements that reinforce technique. Ex: Before the ball come to my feet “Step and turn”

Encouragement and effort

Words or statements that provide self encouragement to preserve or try harder. ex : “Keep pushing through Destini, only 10 minutes left”

Goal Setting

Short term goal during the game.. Ex. Take a good first touch away from the defender.

Long term goals during the game.. Ex. Scoring a goal

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