Nike Shoes By: Brandon Pitts

Who Made Nike?

The person that made Nike's was Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman. Phil and Bill grew up as best friends and when they were in college they decided to make a logo and a company called Nike's.

These are some running shoes Nike's has.

When Was Nike's Made?

Nike's were made in January 25, 1964. The creator of Nike's were Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman.

This is a basketball shoe.

What are Nike's shoes used for?

Nike's shoes are used for a whole bunch of different thing. You can use Nike's for running, basketball, soccer, basketball, and football and more. You can also use them for walking shoes. They are cheep to buy and comfortable to wear around and walk in and have fun.

This is Lebron James wearing Nike shoe. Even famous people like to wear these types of shoes!


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