Tea-- What will you do when feeling tired and simply just want to relax, perhaps, I will just have a sip of a cup of tea and sit back. Most inmporntatly, not to be judgemental, like to that spelling mistake i had made.
Moving-- Everyone seems to be moving, just like you, but what does the light in the end actually signifies? A ending or a beginning?
Colours-- Something everybody tend to miss everyday, you can ignore it but i found it beautiful, right?
6'o clock-- Everyone will try to convince themselves by saying ' Oh today is a great day lets be more productive", however nothing might be done in the end. Therefore instead, I shall just look at how the sun had rise,
10'o clock-- It was then you realise that today is not that bad, perhaps its time to get things done.
12'o clock-- Nevertheless there was still obstacles which you must faced, it is just part of your life after all.
3'o clock-- But at least you are still glad that there are still people along your side waiting for you.
5'o clock- Finally you are on your way home, it was just sad how everyone was as tired as you and all on their phones, including yourself.
6'o clock-- After all, there is always a place waiting for you called home, and you start wondering what can be done for tomorrow, hoping for another productive day.
7'o clock-- The best part of the day are the food, that was the only time when you appreciate your existence.
9'o clock-- Or perhaps some night activities will sound good too, where you enjoy the cool breeze, either from the sea the air-con or a fan.
Seaside-- Be more aware of your surrounding even if you just had dinner, you might just be able to find surprises.
Perspective-- You might just be able to find something unique when you look at them from a different direction or angle.
Brightness-- Would you prefer to stay in the dark or under the sunlight?
Bottles-- Do you ever consider about what will happen to the bottles after throwing them away, well, i do not.
Way-- There will always be a way out of any problem, like how I am trapped here in the train.
Land-- A raining cooling day when you forgot to bring umbrella, having to run in the rain but found the bird sitting on the grass interesting. Like I said, there are always surprises.
Alone-- Saving the best for the last, not because of the great scenery, perhaps just the sense of loneliness struct me with that everyone faces. Maybe I also wish to explore what's up there on the moon.


Zhang Dingyuan 2017 :Sit back, and relax.


Created with images by adoyle - "Calm"

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