TRUST By: ashley jablonski

I’m pretty sure life would be quite boring without friends. Together you share the laughs, the cries, and the achievements. They are the keepers of your deepest secrets and you are theirs. Friends are those who push you forward when you most need encouragement and make you see the best in yourself. At least that’s what I thought a friend was.

I met my first best friend in the first grade. We were in the same class and we immediately clicked. We would share our lunches, talk about our crushes, and hang out almost everyday. As time went on, our friendship continued even though we were experiencing different things. It just made it all the more interesting when we got together and shared our experiences. Then sixth grade came around. We were both so excited to go to a new school, meet new people, and share the new experiences. Then reality set in the first day of school when, her and I ended up not having many classes together and we were devastated. A couple months went by and we were doing fine. We managed to keep in touch here and there but we both started meeting new people and making new friends. It made it very difficult to maintain the closeness that we had. However, we vowed to always be there for one another.

With new experiences, comes good and bad times. It was a bigger school, with many different clicks, and people were trying to find their place. But with every social group there comes the drama, the rumors, and the chaos. But you can always count on your best friend to back you up. Comments were made about her to me, as well as about me to her. However, regardless what they said I always defended her because she was my friend and I knew she would always do the same for me.

I was proved wrong… As things were said about others, rumors started about me, and at the most crucial moment I needed a best friend, she abandoned me. Not only did she not defend me, but she helped spread the rumors just to stay in the good graces of the new click. The rumors themselves weren’t the thing that hurt me because I knew what the truth was. It was the realization that the one person that I could always count on, completely deserted me.

I didn’t know what I felt. I was angry and disappointed on so many different levels. I thought to myself maybe it was a mistake, so I tried to forgive her and regain our friendship. But I soon realized I would never be able to do that. It was the trust that was lost, and without trust no relationship can be successful. Trust is like an eraser, it gets smaller and smaller with every mistake.

This small incident, that may seem completely insignificant to many, has affected the way I handle life to this day. I am very conscious of who I share things with and keep most thoughts to myself. The friends I have now are few, yet they have proved their loyalty to me time and time again. However, I continue to fear future betrayals. Therefore, I am now the keeper of my own secrets and the defender of my own rumors. No one can take that from me ever again.

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