What Body Systems are Affected?

- Circulatory System

- Urinary System

- Nervous System

- Digestive System

What Body Parts does Diabetes Involve?

- Kidneys

- Heart

- Eyes

- Feet

- Skin

- Mouth

How does Diabetes effect the Body?

- It hinders the bodies ability to produce insulin

Dangers of Diabetes?

- Nerve damage that leads to numbness in feet and hands

- Strokes and Coronary Heart Disease

- Diabetic Retinopathy and Blindness

Treatment for Diabetes?

Type 1 - Monitor and keep blood sugar levels regulated, Insulin therapy, diet and exercise

Type 2 - diet and exercise, medication, insulin therapy

Description of Both Types

Type 1

- born with it

- 5-10 out of every 100 people with diabetes have type 1

- destroys the cells that make insulin

- cannot be prevented

- low blood sugar

Type 2

- develops at any age

- becomes apparent during adulthood

- Body cannot use insulin correctly

- Pancreas makes less insulin as it gets worse

- can be prevented with a healthy lifestyle

- leading cause of blindness and kidney failure


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