Social Impact Project Christine Kim

Our Deliveries Come With Way Too Much Packaging

Summary: The packages that we order come with way too much extra packaging. Boxes are packaged into larger boxes causing for unnecessary material that ends up being waste to the environment.

How did you arrive to this inspiration: I came across this video while I was looking through Facebook.

How it relates to me: One of my packages was delivered in a really big box with a lot of space left inside that was filled with air bags

What you want to accomplish: find different alternatives to sending packages, find out ways to recycle all of the unnecessary packaging and decrease amount of waste in the environment

Why others should consider it: it's a relatable topic because more and more people are ordering materials online and it would help with the environment

Too Much Homework Could Cause Negative Emotional Impact

Summary: An article about whether or not homework was beneficial for students and their academic achievements. It discussed the overload of homework they received and the effect it had on students health, stress levels, and balance of life activities.

Who posted the inspiration: John Lim

How it relates to you on a personal level: This article relates to me because I receive a lot of homework from my teachers in school. On top of a workload of homework, I have to study for tests, do projects for my classes, and attend other outside activities.

What do you want to accomplish: I would like to figure out a method to help me reduce the amount of hours I spend on my homework and plan ahead. Figure out a way in which students wouldn’t get overloads of homework, but instead get a decent amount so that they could maintain a healthy lifestyle and do other outside activities.

Why others should consider it: Other cohort members should consider this issue because it is one that is relatable to everyone. You can learn more about what you can do to prevent a lot of homework.

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