Inject Creativity Live 12th August 2020 with Tim Kitchen, Erin Raethke, Jerry Wong, Adrian Bruch and Paul McLean

Adrian Bruch

Adrian is the Department Coordinator: Animation, Games and Design at the amazing SAE Creative Institute in Melbourne

Source: Adrian's Vimeo profile.

Develop good habits: Using Keyboard shortcuts with the Adobe pen tool

Adrian joined us and demonstrated using the inbuilt hotkeys with Illustrator. He explored how to set preferences and set key combinations to get the most out of the pen tool.

Adrian picking out the lines for his spaceman.

I learned about the spacebar to drag your work around on the screen - that one small thing is a real gamechanger for me!

Source: A still from Adrian's demonstration.

Summary - take your pen tool and ask yourself:

"Is it going to be straight, or curved?"

Use your keyboard shortcuts accordingly!

Paul McLean

He is an Education Consultant in New Zealand, and the head of Rare Innovations.

create a statement of intent for creativity in schools and assess their creative programme as a framework for change.
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Erin Raethke


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