MGA102-Principles and History of Typography Joanna Fania, Nedi Kritikou, Danae Athanasiou

Everyday typography
Every day typography


Cuneiform writing of the ancient Sumerian or Assyrian civilization in Iraq
The oldest known example of Georgian writing
The King List, recording the names of the rulers of Mesopotamia.

Anatomy of typography

Famous and pioneering Typographer

Carol Twombly
Carol's Typefaces

Project 1

Project 1: Ioanna Fania
Project 1: Danae Athanasiou
Project 1: Nedi Kritikou

typographic hierarchy

Negative and positive space

Project 2 - Hierarchy

Danae Athanasiou
Ioanna Fania
Nedi Kritikou

Type as An image

Text and image grid

Golden Ratio

Experimental Typography

Project 2: shape and letter

Danae Athanasiou
Ioanna Fania
Nedi Kritikou

Project 3: booklet

Danae Athanasiou
Ioanna Fania
Nedi Kritikou

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