Wisconsin Alumnae March Newsletter 2017

Hello Alumnae Sisters!

March was a month filled with excitement for chapter as we kicked off the semester by having a great turn out for rush and celebrating Founder's Day. With spring just around the corner our sisters have been keeping busy with various activities such as tabling events, fundraisers, and different workshops. We hope that you are all having a great year so far and thank you for taking the time to read our newsletter! LnF, Chapter <3

Here's a look at what we've been up to!


Active house along with Alums Thuy Dan and Joan came together to celebrate National Founder's Day. We shared some of our favorite memories and how this amazing sisterhood has impacted our lives. Chapter blew out the candles on a cake to celebrate 27 years of sisterhood! As we say, it's not four years, it's for life!


Sisters set up a table at the university's spring semester Student Organization Fair to reach out to both new and returning students. Through this event, we were able to introduce to others what our sisterhood is all about. It was also the perfect opportunity for us to promote our rush events and let the campus community know what our sorority stands for!


Our Spring 2017 Rush theme was Find Your Purpose through aKDPhi! We had an exciting week of events planned for our rushees including a Spa Night & Mocktails, a Hip-Hop Cardio event, a Spring Roll Workshop, our traditional Fun-Due Night, and others. Overall, we had a wonderful turn out for our events and got to spend more time with one another!


Sisters set up a table on East Campus Mall to promote awareness of blood cancers and initiate signing up for the bone marrow Be The Match Registry. This was a successful event where our chapter signed up 30 new people for the bone marrow registry! We found it important to host this event because of the small representation of Asians in the bone marrow registry. Overall, this was a great opportunity for our chapter to give back to the community and diversifying the registry by bringing awareness to diverse groups about the lack of bone marrow donor matches amongst minorities who are affect by blood cancers.


We kicked off our first fundraiser of the semester with a Greenbush Donut Fundraiser! Our sisters had a table set up in the chemistry building to sell some delicious donuts to our student body, faculty, and staff. Overall, we had a wonderful turn out and will continue to have donut fundraisers in the near future.


Sisters engaged in a mental health yoga workshop where we were given more information regarding self-awareness and how yoga is a practice that allows people to relieve all types of stresses in their life. Our lovely instructor, Tamar, led a 40 minute yoga session that involved breathing techniques, meditation, and relaxation.


Our sister Samantha Toledo got the great opportunity to attend the Battle of the Bamboo 2017 competition hosted by UIC in Chicago, IL. Samantha got the opportunity to unite with the Filipino community and overall enjoyed the cultural performances by the filipino organizations in the Midwest. At the the event she even got to showcase her greek unity by getting to meet her Spring 2016 Syands from Lambda Phi Epsilon International Fraternity, Inc. and Delta Phi Lambda Sorority, Inc.

SPRING 2017 Active House Photoshoot

19 beautiful actives this semester ready to put in work!
  • Maikoau Vang - Theta Spring 2013 Associate
  • Jennie Do - Iota Fall 2013
  • Alysha Huynh - Iota Fall 2013 Associate
  • Ka Vang - Iota Fall 2013
  • Susan Luo - Kappa Spring 2014
  • Ivette Mendoza - Kappa Spring 2014
  • My Nguyen - Kappa Spring 2014
  • Alice Wnuk - Kappa Spring 2014
  • Verona Chen - Lambda Fall 2014
  • Kayla Hui - Lambda Fall 2014
  • Lenai Johnson - Lambda Fall 2014
  • Tina Le Senior - Fall 2014
  • Claudia Ortiz - Lambda Fall 2014
  • Kimberly Vue - Lambda Fall 2014
  • Bea Angela Carvajal - Mu Fall 2015
  • Pa Zao Lee - Mu Fall 2015
  • Jinny Kim - Nu Spring 2016
  • Panouly Moua - Nu Spring 2016
  • Paula Thuo - Nu Spring 2016
  • Samantha Toledo - Nu Spring 2016
  • Kabau Xiong - Nu Spring 2016

Sisterhood Moments!

We had a fun month creating new memories with our alums and baby chapter. Sisters reconnected through dinners, concerts, and quality time making homemade jewelry!

Chapter Monthly Goals

  1. Sisterhood: Host a round table to discuss individual concerns, distress, and come together as a sisterhood
  2. Scholarship: Apply for Bucky Awards in the areas we have excelled in
  3. Leadership: Have individual sisters who are interested to apply for Order of Omega to strengthen their leadership skills and grow their social network
  4. Cultural Awareness: Attend events outside of our Asian-American Communities. Example: Runways of the World (Fashion show) hosted by Wisconsin Union Directorate (WUD) Global Connections Committee
  5. Service: Host a service event at the Ronald McDonald House

Three Semester Goals

  1. For the semester, we have created a buddy system to help sisters check in on one another to make sure they're mentally, physically, and emotionally doing okay.
  2. Increase chapter GPA to 3.25!!!
  3. Raise $2000 for BCA!!!

CAA Updates

WI CAA 1st Scholarship Award Recipient - Kayla HUi!

"I am so honored to have been chosen for this award. Thank you to all of the alums for funding and making this scholarship possible for our chapter and all the hard work you put into reviewing everyone's applications. I am very grateful." - Kayla

*Alumnae Weekend! Save the date!*

Thank you so much to those who have RSVP'd. We are very excited and can't wait to reunite again! This semester, alumnae weekend will be taking place from April 22nd - 23rd. Be on the look out for more details!

Pen-Pal Program

Reminder to stay in touch with your pen-pal and don't forget to participate in the social media contest below! If you have any questions or concerns about the pen-pal program, please feel free to reach out to chapter or CAA committee.

  • 5 pts - Wear each other's favorite color for a day!
  • 10 pts - Create a themed photo collage of the two of you
  • 10 pts - Virtual food date! Cook or eat each other's favorite dish
  • 10 pts - Sing the same part of a song you both like and sync it together
  • 15 pts - Try incorporating something from your Pen Pal's routine for 3 days
  • 15 pts - Video date
  • 30 pts - Try out your Pen Pal's hobby
  • 30 pts - Send your Pen Pal some snail mail

March Birthdays!

"Age is not how old you are, but how many years of fun you've had." ;) .....Happy Birthday Candice ! <3 - March 28th, Go wish her a good one!

Upcoming Events!

Our annual pop tab competition with the Lambdas is right around the corner! We've been collecting pop tabs all semester and can't wait to see the contribution of other orgs! Please feel free to participate in our annual pop tab competition in the future! We would appreciate your donations, engagement and participation!
You've been FLOCKED! 8 years in the making! Our goal this semester is to raise $2000. Thank you so much, Alums, for continuously supporting and guiding us to become civically engaged individuals. The donation sponsorship form can be found below for those interested in donating




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