Sustainable Energy Production in Saskatchewan Science 9

Methods currently used

The current methods of energy production used in Saskatchewan are, geothermal energy, biomass, nuclear energy, fossil fuels, hydroelectric energy, solar energy, and tidal energy. Each produces a different amount of energy throughout Saskatchewan.

Hydroelectric energy

The source of power i think we should increase in Saskatchewan is Hydroelectric energy. It is also a good source of energy because it is renewable and comes from the movement of flowing water, meaning as low as there's movement in water, it will turn the turbines.

Suitable locations

Suitable locations for hydroelectric energy in Saskatchewan are near large sources of water. Coteau creek, Nipawin (Franco finlay), E.b Campbell, and island falls are all very good locations for this type of electricity.

Financial and environmental cost

The financial cost of hydroelectric energy varys at 0.85 cents per kilowatt-hour, meaning every hour you use a kilowatt so another 0.85 cents is added. Environmental cost is very low. It doesn't pollute air or water, but dam construction is very expensive.

Pros and cons

Some pros are that it is very efficient, it converts 90% of hydropower to electricity, as well as operating costs are low, and it is renewable and abundant (available in large quantities). Some cons are that dam construction is expensive, as well as some animals get hurt from the turbines as well as Mercury poisoning, or carbon dioxide methane.

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