The fun-tastic sleepover By minnie and diva

Me and diva are best friends. We both have small fights but at the end we fix it. We both can never think of breaking friendship. Anyway,why would we? We both are such good friends that we would be good friends rather than fighting.


A special thanks for all of you who came on Minnie and Diva's website and spend hours and hours of researching on us. Please look more at our pictures and don't forget to surscribe to our channel on YouTube! Bye bye.

Thanks so much!
Created By
Minati Verma


I am so happy that both of us are working together and have made a YouTube account and are now working on a short film on iMovie. So please watch that video on a YouTube account named as Rakesh verma(I have posted 2videos of my own on theft channel.)

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