The Great Schism, St. Dominic, and St. Francis of Assisi Tate Hager

The Great Schism was the result of Pope Leo IX splitting the Western and Eastern Christian churches in 1054

The split between the churches actually fully occurred after his death, he originally believed he had to split due to heresy and crimes against God.

St. Dominic was trained to be a priest by his uncle at a young age, he studied the arts and theology during his time.

Witnessed what he considered to be heresy in France, due to conflicting religious beliefs, which led him to join a preaching crusade for around 10 years.

St. Francis lived a life of wealth and sin, which led him to being captured where he was said to have heard the voice of God in his cell.

Hearing the voice of God made him become a devout Christian and give up his wealth and possessions. Later he had a vision of receiving the stigmata wounds, which were related to Jesus's crucifixion and death, visualizing the wounds gave him the title of Saint.

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