Environmental Literacy Car Scene. by gilberto Sandoval

The environment you live in is everything that surrounds your everyday life. Many people don't look at the fact that people live their lives a specific way due to the way their environment is set up. Having to be in the environment you live in has a huge impact on your life, and on your future.

Living in the Tri Cities has not only affected my life but it has also affected my friends and family in how we live our lives. In Tri Cities, the "car scene" seems to be a very popular thing. I grew up around modified cars due to my older brother always modifying his and I was always around trying to give him a hand and trying to learn from him.

Academic Literacy

For me what it means to be literate is being able to take something and admire it in all the possible ways. Growing as a bigger person and gaining knowledge in what you love doing. Being around the "car scene" has always inspired me to take an auto mechanics class. I took an auto mechanics class at Pasco High School and it was one of the best experiences of my life. When I was in that class I was always on track with everything and was always looking forward to learning new things each and every day.

In Auto Mechanics class they will teach you everything from understanding why and how a specific car part works to installing it onto the car. The first ever time that I met the teacher from auto mechanics we were talking for about 30 minutes after class. His name is Salsberry, I remember exactly what he said when I has first talked to him. He said "My goal is to teach each and every student to be able to figure out whats wrong with a car, be able to go down to an auto mechanic store and purchase what needs to be purchased and fix it, because one day they will own a car and who's gonna be their to fix it when it breaks down ? Themselves." Another thing that he told me was that he wanted to be able to have each student be able to apply and Les Schwab and be able to get a job their and he mentioned that he has 3 of his old students working their due to his class.

"Tool Room" In auto mechanics class.

Auto Mechanics also teaches you what tools to use and what tools will be best for a specific job.

Auto mechanics class helped me grow as a person and gain knowledge for auto mechanics. I am not only involved in the car scene for a hobby, I believe that I have made it my lifestyle. I drive my car everyday and proudly show off all of the work that has been done to my car. I took the opportunity in this class to gain as much knowledge as possible and I use it to its full potential every time possible.

Ever since I was a little kid I always dreamed about owning my own car when I was older. I would constantly strive towards my dream of being able to buy my own car so I would go work in the fields and save up all my money. Eventually I saved up enough money and bought my first car. This is what my car looked like when I had first bought it. As soon as I purchased my car it did not take long to start ordering parts so that i can modify it. As time progressed i have now owned my car for about a year and it has transformed like crazy. It was upgraded in every type of way from looks to performance. I believe that if I did not live in tri cities i would not have been interested in this type of hobby that changed my life. It changed my life in a lot of ways, for example, as soon as i bought my car i started looking for a job and was dedicated to find one due to the fact that I wanted money to purchase things for my new car.
My first ever job was at McDonalds. I worked their for 11 months and all of my money would go straight to the purchases that I would make for my car.
This is a picture of my best friend Emmanuel. I met him at a car show that goes on every Friday night and it has become a sort of its own culture where all the car enthusiast get together and just have a fun time looking at each others cars.
This is my friend Emmanuels car. This car is part of the reason why I met him and why our friendship grew closer. When I met him this car was a completely different car. I helped him do most of the work to this car and even helped him paint it this specific color he wanted it.
This was taken in the process of installing a turbo charger on my car and it shows how much fun we were all having during this process.
This is the overall progress of my car and how it sits to this day. I believe that if i did not live where I do today I would not have built this car to where it is at right now. I would probably not even have a car or I would just drive something boring that will get me from point A to point B. Being in the car scene has not only been a hobby but it has been a life changing experience due to the fact the my life evolves around my car everyday.

A lot of people may look at us as "dumb kids" for wasting all of our money into our cars. I have literally spent more money in modifications in my car than what the car is really worth. I do not regret one thing I have changed about my car. I have been sponsored by different brands due to the modifications I have done to my car. I am proudly sponsored by Sickspeed.com and by kingsofjdm.com. By being able to get sponsored for having fun with my car and admiring the beauty of being able to do whatever I want to my car is truly amazing. Being in the environment that I live in today truly affected the way my life. I admire all the positivity and good times it has brought to me all for being involved in a car scene.

By: Gilberto Sandoval

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