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Grace Hospital & St. Elizabeth's Mercy Hospital

Grace Hospital
St. Elizabeth's Mercy Hospital

"Hutch's Hospitals Merge"

-The Hutchinson News

"On Sept. 1, 1970, the officials sat elbow-to-elbow as they affixed their signatures to documents. A photographer captured the moment, and the headline in The Hutchinson News the following day required just three words: "Hutch's Hospitals Merge."

Construction '72-'74



  • First vaccine for rubella


  • Gas: $0.36/gallon
  • Milk: $1.18/ gallon
  • End of the Gold Standard for American Currency
  • Supreme Court rules segregation unconstitutional


  • First vaccine for Chickenpox - Before there was a vaccine, each year chickenpox caused about 4 million people to get sick, more than 10,500 hospitalizations, and 100 to 150 deaths.

Hutchinson Hospital Opens in '75



  • Super Bowl IX Champs: Pittsburgh Steelers
  • President: Gerald Ford
  • Gas: $0.57/gallon
  • Milk: $1.57/ gallon
  • Microsoft founded


  • First vaccine for pneumonia
  • Pneumococcal vaccine had been introduced in 128 countries by the end of 2015 with an estimated global coverage of 37%


  • Last fatal case of smallpox
  • First vaccine for meningitis

1980 - Additional tower and Mental Health Center opens

  • Super Bowl XIV Champs: Pittsburgh Steelers
  • President: Jimmy Carter
  • Gas: $1.25/ gallon
  • Milk: $2.16/ gallon
  • John Lennon assassinated


  • First human heart-lung combined transplant
  • First vaccine for hepatitis B


  • Human insulin approved for pharmaceutical use


  • HIV is discovered as the virus that causes AIDS


  • Statins, which lower the levels of cholesterol in the blood, become commercially available
  • Ben Carson, leading a 70-member team in Germany, became the first and only surgeon to separate Siamese twins joined at the back of the head

1988 - Chalmers Cancer Center opens

  • Super Bowl XXII Champs: Washington Redskins
  • President: Ronald Reagan
  • Gas: $1.08/ gallon
  • Milk:$2.30/ gallon
  • CD's outsell vinyl
  • "Don't Worry Be Happy" by Bobby McFerrin tops the music charts
KU wins the NCAA Championship over OU

Major World Event -

  • 1989, Berlin wall is brought down

1990 - Ray E. Dillon Living Center opens

1990's at Hutchinson Regional Healthcare System

  • '92 - Cardiology program launched / west side of hospital is expanded
  • '93 - Dialysis unit opens
  • '94 - Family Birthing Center Opens
  • '95 - Community Health Center opens
  • '96 - Residential care unit for the terminally ill opens
  • '97 - Heart surgery begins

1998 -

  • Super Bowl XXXII Champs: Denver Broncos
  • President: Bill Clinton
  • Gas: 1.06/ gallon
  • Milk: 3.16/ gallon

2002 - Hospice House opens

  • HRMC west-side lab and Cardiology program expansion is completed

2004 - Emergency helicopter service begins

2005 - Sleep Diagnostic Center Opens

Major World Event -

  • 2005, Hurricane Katrina strikes the Gulf of Mexico

2006 - Trade Center purchased to develop new medical complex. Horizons Mental Health Center and Hospice & Homecare of Reno County are both housed here.

2007 -

  • Six new surgical rooms are added to HRMC as part of a multi-million dollar expansion

2009 -

  • Tomotheropy unit installed at Chalmers Cancer Center

2010 - First da Vinci procedure performed at HRMC


  • The hospital changes its name to Hutchinson Regional Medical Center

2012 -

  • Super Bowl XLVI Champs: New York Giants
  • Barack Obama begins his second term as President of the United States
  • Gas: $3.60/ gallon
  • Milk $3.42/ gallon
  • "Gangnam Style" becomes the first video on YouTube to reach 1 billion views

2015 -

  • ICare movement initiated at HRHS


  • $6.2 million expansion of Emergency Department

2016 -

  • The Foundation pledges $4 million to upgrade the hospital’s Intensive Care Unit and to upgrade the facility’s emergency power system. The project will be complete in 2018.

2016 -

  • The Foundation donated over $20,000 to the United Methodist Grant - Navigator Program.

The Foundation has played a huge role in HRHS history by supporting endeavors that benefit the health of Reno County citizens. Through the support of donors, Hutchinson Regional Medical Foundation (HRMF) will continue to be able to support projects and activities that improve the health of people in South Central Kansas.

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