CUBA By:Nate, jasmine, christian, jada


Our logo relates to what we are learning about and Cuba because the Cuban Missile Crisis took place. It is comparing the two soccer teams with the U.S. and Cuba. In the middle, there is a soccer ball because it is the world cup. It is almost like the two teams are having a war.


Cuba is a small island located under Florida. Also about 78% is urban. This means there will be plenty people to come (that is in the area) and definitely enough advertisements. They also have an amazing beach called Varadero. Many people love to come here.

Varadero Beach

Government and Economics

Cuba has a communist government. This is not a bad thing though because over the years, Cuba has beginning to get better. On October 16,1962, the Soviet Union send missiles to Cuba so they could launch it to the the U.S. because it was closer. Both the Soviet Union and Cuba has a communist government so the leader, Osvaldo Dorticós Torrado, of Cuba agreed to this. Later, the U.S. put an embargo on Cuba which means, they couldn’t import goods from there. Later, they came up with an agreement with the U.S. to lift the embargo. Today, Cuba is growing to be better. By the year 2022 when the world cup takes place, it will be much better. Not only that but it will change for the better from 55 years ago. Since Cuba’s government has control over the business, it has a command economy. Cuba's government controls over 90 percent of the country's economy. You might be thinking this is a bad thing, but it's not. For example, with a command economy, you will get resources more quickly. With a market or a traditional economy, you could get them slower. This is a bigger advantage. If this was in the world cup, they would have more things because they get their resources more easy like cobalt, nickel, iron ore, chromium, copper, salt, timber, silica, petroleum and arable land . In the country Argentina, they have a democratic government and so they do not have a bigger advantage with resources.

Cobalt and timber


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