All about Katie My worlD

I love my family!

This is my mom and dad one their wedding day.

This is my mom and dad. My mom loves to run and she works for a company called Equifax. My dad loves the buckeyes and so does my mom. My dad also likes tennis and he stays home and watches my sister and I.

This is my cousin and I at Panera.

My cousin, Alli and I are extremely close. We do gymnastics together and hang out all the time. Alli is on the Liberty Patriots Basketball Cheer squad. She likes baking, cheer, and gymnastics.

This is my sister when she was younger.

This is my sister Abby. She is a crazy, funny, sweet girl. Abby loves gymnastics and The Olympics. She wants to try horseback riding. We "fight" sometimes but we always are goofing around.

This is my Syrian Hamster, Chip.

Finally, my recent hamster, Chip. We just got him in October. He is 5 months old. We got him from Pet Value and he loves to run on his wheel and eat food.

My interests and hobbies

I love taking pictures.


My family is German. I'm almost all German, but my mom is a lot of things too. I'm mostly German. I don't speak German, but I would love to learn to. Germans speak German. You probably already knew that, but the eastern states know and understand Russian. Germany celebrates many holidays. They celebrate Christmas and Easter, but they also celebrate Sylvester and Fasching. Sylvester is on December 31. They have midnight fireworks and parties.

Future Job

I want to a photographer or a veterinarian. Alli, my cousin, and I want to be photographers or veterinarians together. Alli and I want to live on a farm with two separate houses, and Alli's brother, Jack wants to be in the NHL and he would pay for the animals food. That's our plan, but it will probably change but I really like taking photos and helping animals.

These are my friends at Eagles Night Out during dodge ball!❤

That's all about me!

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