Sahara Desert, Africa By: Mariah.M and Taylor.M

This a video of people riding camels we did this video because in Sahara they ride camels not cars.

Sahara is the largest desert in the world it is 3.6 million square miles
In the Sahara Desert this is just one of the many amazing animals in the Desert. This is a gazelle.
The Sahara Desert is located in the Northwestern, Africa. It is very dusty, sandy and very dry. You would have to wear a mask so you don't get sand in your eyes.

This is a picture of there trasportation

Camels weren't always used for humans but also for trade

this is just on of many beautiful views in the Sahara Dessert

This picture shows how dry the desert is

The End Hope you enjoyed the presentation!!!!


Created with images by FuN_Lucky - "namibia desert sand" • Unsplash - "desert sand dunes sand" • shankar s. - "Mhorr Gazelle/ Dama Gazelle" • Unsplash - "landscape desert clear" • javivázquez - "Chicas y dromedarios" • fulito - "Erg Chebbi" • JimboChan - "alone sunset bright" • Martijn.Munneke - "Woestijn" • Quique - "dune desert landscape"

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