Ancient Greece Group Time Capsule


You are about to explore a civilization that built huge temples for the Gods, created the first system of democracy we still use today, included some of the most famous intellectuals, and their culture was revered and copied by many socieites long after their demise.

Soon you will be given the chance to go back in time to about 500 BCE and take items that represent their culture, so that future generations will understand more about these people.


A time capsule is a collection of artifacts that represent a certain period in time. So a time capsule from the year 2006 here in the United States might include newspaper clippings regarding the war in Iraq, a picture of the president, an iPod, popular music CD's or items of popular clothing.

Your teams mission is to pretend you are Greeks living in 6th century BCE Greece. Your job is to bury a time capsule underground that portrays your values and culture.

The materials your group chooses should include writing, technology, architecture, or any objects that you think will provide future generations with a clear understanding of your people. The capsule will be about the size of a laundry basket, so choose your items wisely.


1. Groups of three will research and find 8 items to include in their time capsule. Each group member will have a specific role: the recorder (records the information your group finds on the objects and writes up a description of the object), the internet explorer (does the searching of the websites provided on the computer), and the drawer (creates the illustrations for the objects the group chooses).

2. Each group is looking for 8 objects that represent Greek civilization, religion, art, architecture, trade, etc. At least 4 of these must be drawn because some of the objects won't be small enough to fit in the time capsule. The rest can be printed pictures. Create your group's list on the time capsule handout that the teacher passed to each group at the start of this activity.

3. Once each group has completed their list of 8 objects, each group will share their top 4 objects. As a class, we will choose the 8 items we will include in our class time capsule. These items should show have a range that represents all of Greek's culture.

List of websites to help you learn more about the Greek civilization:

This website gives a great description of the history of the Greeks, talked about there various accomplishments, discussed important leaders and intellectuals, .

This website gives a great description of the history of the Greeks, talked about there various accomplishments, discussed important leaders and intellectuals.

These two websites give more information regarding Ancient Greek art and architecture.

Visuals of Art in Ancient Greece


A physical copy of the rubric will be passed out to each group at the beginning of the WebQuest


You’ve explored ancient Greece and found objects that represent their civilization. You’ve created a time capsule and placed those important objects inside, so future generations can understand the Greek culture and learn more about their accomplishments. It’s important that you understand the Greek culture because their architecture and theories have helped shaped the world we now see.

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Deborah Sulenes


Created with images by jandenouden - "temple zeus athens" • jandenouden - "athens temple zeus" • Kristoffer Trolle - "Lady sitting in front of Parthenon on Acropolis, Athens, Greece" • CManfredsson - "athens the parthenon greek" • skeeze - "gold funeral mask ancient" • Sharon Mollerus - "Marble Herm Head" • Fæ - "Attic Black-Figure Lekythos with (Body) Dionysos between Maenads and Satyrs and (Shoulder) a Seated Man between Women and Men LACMA 50.9.43" • Tilemahos Efthimiadis - "Portrait bust of Antoninus Pius (138-161 BC), Stoa of Attalos, Ancient Agora, Athens, Greece" • NikosAB - "elefsis greece statures" • jandenouden - "athens temple zeus" • michelmondadori - "greece athens parthenon"

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