Life Goals By:Jackson Francis

One to Two Year Goals

For One Year Goals I want to earn a drivers license and have my own car. I want to achieve this by studying for the tests, also for the sense of responsibility and maturity.

In One to Two years I want to achieve a full four years varsity Letterman in Swim and a two year varsity Letterman in Tennis. The reason of this is because it's a personal journey through high school and working hard for things is what I want to do.

In one to two years I want to be physically stronger. The reason is for is it's more attracting and I would become better at the sports I do by being stronger.

In under a year I want to be more of an effective student by getting better grades in all my classes for the rest of my student career. Once I earn good grades then I would have a even better chance of going to a good or great college.

Two to Four Year Goals

In the minimum of two years I want a job. Once I get a job I would be earning my own money and that in turn would make me more responsible and mature.

In two years I want to graduate from Thunderbird High school with a Advanced Diploma. Then around two years I would go to a great College.

I want to travel with my best of friends places we've never been before. The reason would just be to have fun with my best friends. Just being out there just with your buds would be a heck of a time.

I want to travel alone to every state for at least three days. Only have 30 to go. The reason is to at least recognize other American states other then my own, cause not to be mean to this great state but I'm getting bored.

Five to Ten year goals

In Six years I want to graduate from college with a bachelors degree. Then to settle down and return for a master's degree just as all four of my parents did. The reason why is that college degree's are necessitates for a successful road ahead.

In Seven years I want to get a successful job working for a large company or for a District. The reason why I want a job is because once I get money I can get a good house etc.

I want to travel alone to some of the global landmarks around the world. The reason is to see the world.

In ten years I want to find the origin of my name in Europe. The reason is because I want to know more about my family and it's history.

10+ Years goals.

In 10+ years I want to get married. The reason is that in my family it's important to get married.

In 10+ years I want children. I want at least a son and a daughter. The reason is because I want them in my life.

In 10+ years I want to own my own house. The reason is because I want to live on a stable home for my wive and children. And possibly for future family members.

Near the beginning of my 10+ year goals I want an successful job with a lot of usable money for me and my family.

The End.


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