Human Resource Manager McKenna Frison

Who do I want to work for?

I would like to work as a Human Resource Manager for Asante Medical Center.

What is the company I work for?

Asante Medical Center is a hospital care center that features the latest and greatest technology. If I get hired at Asante, my job title will be a Human Resource Manager in a certain area of specialization. My salary will be $104,000 a year, which is a great reward for doing what I love. I will need to obtain a human resource management or administration bachelor's degree at SOU. In order to secure a reliable position, I will also need to complete and internship for five years to obtain a lot of experience.

Where am I working?

I am planning on working in the Rogue Valley, because that's where the closest Asante is located. I love the Rogue Valley, and would prefer to start a family and raise my kids here. Luckily Asante is very close to my current home, so it's easier to obtain an internship and learn the necessary skills for a Human Resource Manager.

When does this company hire?

Getting hired as a Human Resource Manager at Asante starts with the basic application process. 48 hours after an application is submitted, an email is sent from a recruiter that states whether you've been considered or not. From then, the recruiter examines your application to see if your experience aligns with the qualities of the position. After you meet the required guide lines for the position, then a phone and in person interview is set up to determine the final decision.

Why does this career interest me?

This career interests me far beyond the money. Although the pay is very appealing, being a Human Resource Manger fits my personality exactly. The key qualities to be a successful Human Resource Manager is to be able to be fair, organized, thoughtful, and direct. I believe I have a good amount of all of those qualities, which will make me even more acquired for the position. When it comes to being hired for a serious and high paying job such as a Human Resource Manager, I think it makes you stick out when you not only have the knowledge for it but also the personality.

Below is a video that talks about what is looked for when hiring a Human Resource Manager. It talks about finding someone who is confident, has a good attitude, and many more characteristics that are mentioned in the video.

How does one get into this industry?

  • Having extreme knowledge about your preferred field makes your chances much more likely to get into the Human Resource industry.
  • Having a reliable internship that provides you with the necessary skills.
  • Be open to possibly relocating in order to find an open position.
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