Bundup manogrove BY ADLAI

Well come to my presentation

I will tell you a little information about the bundup mangrove

The circle is where the bundup mangrove is located on the map

The biotic factors of the bundup mangrove are I will tell you that in the slide show

This is the ashy it is a bird which is found in the manner groves

This is a anther bird that lives in the mangroves it's name is a weaver bird

This is the heron it olso lives in the mangroves

This is the egret it to lives in the mangroves

And last but least the flamingo

Did you like it well now lets see some plants that live in the mangroves ok

Did you like that now let's explore the abiotic factors of the mangroves let's go

Very little sunlight enters the mangroves

a lot of water enters the mangroves and mixing with the soil and makes mud

Thousands of mud is found in the mangroves because of water mixing with soil

Rocks are found near where water meets sea

Now sets see symbolic Relationships ok

The bee is taking pollon from the flower this is called mutualism

The mosquito is taking blood from the human this is called parasitisim

The egel is nesting on a tree the tree is dosnot mind this is called comenselesim

Now we will explore the issues affecting the bundup mangrove

One of the issues is deforestation us human are cutting down the mangroves

If you live near a mangrove please plant one every day ok if you don't plant a mangrove every day the mangrove species will disappear which will costs un balance in the ecosystem so please plant a mangrove a very day and don't throw plastic into the sea it will come to the mangrove and the mangrove will die ok

I hop tHis INFORMATION woS Usful

Thank you


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