Pastel Lion Cub Due: Friday March 24, 2017

Since this was my first thing in pastels I feel like I cant really improve yet but I did learn how to work with the pastels. I learned that your gonna need a sheet of paper to put under you hand while you working or it might smudge. I also learned how get things to look darker and lighter.

This project was engaging to me because lions are like one of my favorite animals and also iv'e been wanting to work with pastels for a while now because iv'e always love the way they looked.

What I like best about this project is the texture I have with the cubs fur. It just looks so realistic and realistic drawings/paintings are my favorite things to do. If I were to change anything about this project it would be how I did the texture of the nose. It looks fine but i'm not completely pleased with the ending result of it.

I believe I took a risk with this project because iv'e never worked with pastels before so I was working with a new technique.

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