• Clean up and delete old posts and leave the most "high sell, high quality" content up. Some of the photos can be uploaded again after being edited.
  • Uploading curated promo content into his Instagram Story/Snapchat. Mixing designed graphic text content and pictures videos to 'stories' make announcements and promote more personal and intimate. He can upload graphics designed by Eric.
  • Make a social media calendar to capitalize on holidays, national days, trends, set up days to cross promote his different pages etc.
  • Taking many photos with people or businesses with a large following so they can tag him and drive their followers to his page
  • Staging shots style instagram feed, showing off his outfits, tagging the designers
  • Updating his banners and profile pic on Facebook, Twitter, Snap with branded content. Example: His profile picture and banner can have the same colour scheme and design.
  • Getting a Font to streamline across all platforms and graphic design, use on album artwork, Facebook Banners. Profile pictures/Banners need to match in color story and graphic design when new music is released.
  • Approaching the people who run social media accounts dedicates to photos of cute boys. There are many accounts followed by girls and gay men that show photography of cute boys. We must approach accounts with a following of 10,000 or more to get them to post content and tag Max for a massive following. (high-res, pre-edited preferred)
  • Work on personal style to stay completely current with Gen Z and Millenial Style
  • Getting signed with a model agency. Will lead to many opportunities: Such as doing more photoshoots, more chances of getting tagged on the social media accounts of other models, photographers, stylists, designers..driving traffic to Max's pages. This will also provide Max more photos to upload to his social media pages.
  • Sending Max’s songs out to house/edm dj’s so they can potentially be made into remixes and get Max’s name out to the followers of the dj’s when they get posted
  • Start an email list for marking purposes, newsletters for fans and releases
  • Look for press from bloggers, music news blogs
  • Get involved with the Canada 150 and Ottawa 2017 Campaign
  • Create general lifestyle images that could be used on Max’s instagram even if he didnt take the photo (ex. Shots of toronto on the streets, food pictures etc.)
  • Get in touch with popular playlist makers/curators on Spotify, Soundcloud and Apple Music. Millennials discover new artists through the playlists and curators that they follow
  • Using Eric's access to stock images to use for different reasons
  • Work on overall consistency for pages social media look
  • Once we have a bigger following plan social media "takeovers". Max can take over the snapchat account of a magazine or other companies that have guest takeovers on their snapchat and instagram
  • Eric can photograph Max and the band regularly for content


Equipment can be used maximize the quality of content Max takes himself.

  • Selfies: LuMee Case for lighting
  • Hipster look content: Disposable film cameras and polaroids. Shots can be developed to digital and send to Eric for retouching and filtering
  • General daily photography: Iphone 7 Plus for quality daily posts
  • Editing: A number of different special apps can be used by Max to filter his photos, add music to videos, create


Dua Lipa, a good friend of mine from London who I never see anymore since she moved to LA for her music!


Created with images by Treefort Photo Dept - "Open Mike Eagle_El Korah_Treefort_Credit_Copper Chadwick"

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