E. M. Forster and the contact between different cultures


He was born in London in 1879 and he brought up with his mother , whose financial help enabled him to have a confortable life during his youth.He had a strict education to Eastbourne preparatory school and after to Tonbridge School that he experienced as a spiritual inprisonment. At the age of 18 he entered in a Cambridge College and in 1946 was elected Honorary fellow of the prestigious King's College. He lived for a time in Italy, that was the background of two of his novels. In both work experiences, he noticed the significant differences between strictness of English and upper-middle class codes, and the spontaneous and relaxed style of life of the Italians. In 1912 Forster went to India and in 1914 he started to work to his famous novel "A Passage to India" finally published in 1924. He died in 6th June 1970 in Coventry, and the following year was published "Maurice", a Novel that overcame his homosexuality with a sense of guilt, because at that time it was still regarded as a criminal offence

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