Water By kelsey brinckman and julia clark

Water Use

Agricultural water usages take up 70% of the global water. Industrial water usage accounts for 22%. Domestic water usage accounts for 8% of the water usage, each person accounts for 50 liters a day, and each household accounts for 400 gallons a day. Recreation and environmental water account for a very small portion of the global water usage. For recreation the golf courses take up the most amount for watering grass. Did you know only .3% of earths water is usable by humans?

Hydro Electricity

Hydroelectricity is the process of putting water through a turbine. The water spins a turbine and the turbine spins a generator to create energy. This kind of electricity is usually made at a dam. For example, the Hoover Dam is a hydroelectric power plant, however the largest hydroelectric dam in the word is the Three Gorges Dam. Hydro electricity is a good alternative to using fossil fuels because it is a renewable and clean source of energy.

The Water Cycle

The water cycle is the journey of water through the earth. During this journey oceans and bays take up 95.5% of earths water. Ice caps, glaciers and permanent snow takes up 1.74%. Ground water takes up a total of 1.69% of earths water. Biological water takes up .0023% earths water, lakes take up .013%, and rivers and swamps take up .001%. The earths water is constantly on a journey throughout earth.


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