The History of the English Language 10th grade ELA Blended unit

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Definition of AAE: “…the language variety spoken by many people of African descent in the US and associated with African American ethnic identity and cultural heritage.” (Wolfram and Schilling-Estes 2006:213)

AAE is NOT a substandard, broken, incorrect, slangy version of Standard English. It is a dialect (or ethnolect or sociolect) as functional, expressive, grammatical as any other variety of English (including Standard English).

American English Dialects formed from by settlers from England who brought their own dialects, which they retained in America. They made contact with other languages. They had internal changes and innovations.

North: Early settlers from the Massachusetts Bay colony and New York moving west ►[r]: Varies. New York, Boston etc. have no [r] (though there is variation in the region); other parts have [r].

South: Settlement and migration by the settlers of Jamestown and subsequent waves of migration ►[r]: Usually no [r] in the traditional dialect (esp. Lower South)

Midlands; Migration from Pennsylvania, by people from the North and the North Midlands of England, Scots-Irish, Welsh (most of them of the lower classes) ►[r]: Predominantly [r] (and intrusive [r]); with []

West: Migration from the east; shortish settlement means few distinctive dialectal features; convergence of features ►[r]: Mostly [r] ►Cot/caught merger (not from the West but prevalent in the West)


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