TENURE Iowa vs missouri

WHAT IS TENURE? To give someone a permanent post, especially as a teacher or professor. It restricts the ability to fire a teacher without "just cause" rationale. Each state develops their own tenure systems. Tenure protects teachers by making it difficult to fire them.

Iowa's tenure years are stated that after three years of service a teacher shall be awarded tenure. A teacher will be evaluated every year until then, and then every three years after tenure in the Des Moines School District. The most current information I could find about current tenure in Iowa was January 2017, a bill proposed to eliminate tenure for public college and university professors.

Missouri also proposed HB 266 that states "no public institution of higher education in this state shall award tenure." Currently, in Mo for elementary teachers, a full-time teacher acquires tenure after 5 years of contracted employment.

I would feel more protected as a tenured teacher. Knowing that the arbitrary risks of being fired would not be a factor in my job security would help me feel more at ease. However, as a teacher, we all should uphold the same high level of ethical and moral conduct that is best for all students. If we do this, and fulfill our duties with professionalism and care, we should not have to worry about the risk of losing our job.


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