A PREDICTION for 2017 is that there will be new and updated inventions.

Ideas are mental money:Fresh ideas,communication,and cooperation lead to new inventions that can save lives and help the world with it’s common problems and situations.

My GOALS for 2017 are that I will read all the books I intend to read and finish all my drawings.

Reading is learning:When I read it is like the words are creating a portal to another world before my eyes as if i am actually living someone else’s life.
Art is putting thoughts,imaginations and emotions on paper for people to see and hear your story

SOCIETY and GLOBAL ISSUES in 2017 will be technology based...and polluted...and more political problems.

Technology will take over the world through our minds and bodies making us addicted,obese and waste precious moments with family and friends unless you use it wisely.
Pollution is a step closer to death:The land may shrink the water is rising,the temperatures are heating up,more pollution,more disease and death it’s no wonder we will soon catch up with the mistakes we have done and never fixed with the world until it’s too late and the human species no longer exists.
People worry about twinkies and ebola when it is the least of our problems when poverty,obesity,drugs,and car crashes have been around for years and no one as done anything to stop it.
One time someone asked God “why are you letting this happen?” God said “why aren’t you stopping it?”

WISHES for 2017 are to have a new house,new dog,and health.

New Year,New Beggining,New House...The feel of a new house with freshly paintd walls,fuzz of the carpet or smoothness of the wood and tile between my toes,with the fresh scent of new house and free space to roam and clutter my stuff with which will soon grow old from the years to come
Health is Good as Gold. It is the greatsense and experience of fresh air rising and falling in your chest with the urge to run and roam free and jump around with strong healthy legs and body no sight of the hospital or medicine for the ones you love. The things you take for granted such as health,someone else is praying for and when you know it you won’t have it anymore
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