I can solve real world word problems by adding, subtracting, multiplying, or dividing, with decimals!


0.32 of 10

0.232 of 100

0.4546 of 1,000


Circle the numbers

Underline the question

Box the key words


Lets try these now...

All of the fifth grade teachers wanted to buy a pizza together for lunch. A large pizza cost them $14.40 If there are four fifth grade teachers and they wanted to split the cost evenly, how much money would each teacher have to pay?

Ms. Schneider went to the shoe sale at Macy’s yesterday. She found a pair of boots on sale now for $30. If the cost of the shoes was 0.75 of the original cost, how much were they originally? How much did Ms. Schneider save?

Brayln walks to school in the rain from her house. Her house is 0.25 miles away from school. Thankfully, it has stopped raining now so Brayln can meet her dad half way to get some dry clothes. If Brayln's dad meets her 0.5 of the distance between her house and school, how far did her dad have to walk?

Exit Slip! Write it on a post it then stick it on whatever level of understanding you think you have!

Ms. Schneider is very sad to be leaving fifth grade. She decides to give all 22 students a doughnut on her last day. Kroger sells packages of doughnuts with 12 doughnuts in every package. Each package costs $2.50. How much money did Ms. Schneider have to spend to make sure every student could get a doughnut?

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