Welcome to *Dreamland*

If your looking for truth your in the right place. I will present information theories and stories simply put them up in the air! It is up then for you to decide. Before making a decision you will need to full story. Don't make a decision half way through. There is potential to this idea and the story isn't anything you want to miss!

Ever heard the phrase its curtain close time?
Imagine the FINAL movie…

Like all movies. There is a main character. Side characters, a plot and a setting.

The setting is planet earth and the plot is a major crossroad situation we are in. The side characters build up the story and are the whole point/issue. The main character is a reflection of all the side characters working towards the same goal.

The battle is to save the day and bring us into the new world.

[blue prints].

Imagine one movie to look back and recap all movies. All movies and stories we have made since the beginning merged together as one. Sounds pretty exciting right? We have dark movies and light movies. So it would be a mix of both worlds. Just like planet earth.

Here is the story: Imagine a real character being created from all those movies and coming to life. Popping out of the picture of our imaginations so to speak. A movie character born in our world so he is a mix of all worlds.

This character like all main characters would represent the hero figure. In this case he would represent the pilot of the planet.

Similar to Superman or Neo from The Matrix.

Since hes a mix of real life as well. A real reference would be Jesus Christ.

He simply is the hero and real life figure we all have been imagining to rise up and save the day. A few examples to throw together would be: The Matrix, Inception, The Green Lantern, Planet Earth the documentary and the bible, etc.

This give you the concept of: The 'One' from The Matrix. The concept of shared dreams from Inception. Will Power and the thought of someone being chosen like the Green Lantern. The location of Planet Earth and the real life figure or reference known as Jesus.

The puzzle:

The Green Lantern just like in The Matrix they never expect to be chosen and think a mistake has been made. Turns out Neo was the mistake. The anomaly or the 'one' remainder left over. Everyone and everything squeezed into one consciousness.

(The phrase we are all one)

Back to the concept of shared dreams. He wouldn't be the mistake he would likely be the: "Architect". ( Mentioned in both the Matrix and Inception ).

One consciousness with a center point or creation platform for it to come full circle.

The collective center or creator of the Dream which is why he is placed in the center of creation. Making it an equal shared dream.

The first dreamer or one would have to be Adam. (like Adam and Eve).

Just him and his conscious, literally. Meaning God would exist in his subconscious as well as the platform which we exist. God would exist in ours equally as well considering we are the 'one' equally. (we are one) But since he exists in your subconscious. Its up to you to create your own interpretation.

(The phrase god created us in his image/ all men equally/ we are all the same man/ Adam)

(The Collective Center - Holographic projections of one being split up equally)

They say everything is connected like sacred Geometry down to the Atom or Adam. Eve would be the co pilot helping to design a equal dream for both men and women. They are complete opposites or "ying-yang".

This new character is somewhere in between and directly in the middle of everything.

Placed directly in the center of all the chaos in order to make sense of the chaos. Somewhere in the center is the truth- He is in the center- Positioned to find and represent the truth).

Imagine this main character a merge of all main characters from all movies good and bad. A mix of everyone and all ends of the spectrum. He is an exact reflection of all our main characters and all our movies. Now imagine the movies are an exact reflection of him!

In movies such as Superman, The Matrix, and the Green lantern. His battle represents our battle equally. Its a planetary battle or struggle. Meaning everyone is counting on him to win.

Since he’s a reflection of our movies and real world. He is a reflection of us all equally. Meaning we are all fighting this battle as one. Remember we imagined him to be the hero. We created him!

In a sense he is fighting our imaginary battle to free the human race.

What we can do to help him in this battle? Imagine him winning!


imagine you winning!

(Same Person Same Struggle)

The green lantern is all about strong imagination and will power.

The struggle is to figure out life and move on to the next chapter. Leaving the old ways behind.

What many consider a dream or fantasy/fiction. But many talk about. A big event is mentioned all over the world.

We all know movies evolve right? Well so does he. As he evolves so does our movies and main characters. Always being tied together.

Like every hero movie. The main battle takes place within himself. Since he is a reflection of all our movies and real world. His internal battle reflects our overall battle and real world. Always being stuck at that balancing point.

Since movies are good and bad its a struggle between good and evil. His internal battle reflects and affects the movies. When he is on the darker side of life so are the movies. When he is on the lighter side of life so are the movies. Since we as a population love the movies and are deeply affected by them. In a sense we match his moods. (Vise - Versa).

It will always be a battle until someone takes charge. Well considering he is the main character and the “Hero”. His battle is to take charge! To take charge of the castle! To knock down the walls and slay the dragon!

Like Neo from the Matrix. He has realized who he is. Has realized the circle or “Matrix” we are stuck in or tied to. He has made sense of it all and has figured the way out! Realizing its much more simple and beautiful than meets the eye.

He see’s the circle that we're both stuck in and wants to break us out so we can advance.

(remember he's a reflection)

A lot of us don’t know we want out, a lot of us don’t think we do becoming comfortable in this current reality. Doing what humans do best and making the best of things!

Only because we don’t know what it means to “get out”. Or to “be released” so to speak!

So like Neo, he is trying to break us free so we can advance to our next evolutionary phase.

There was never "breaking out" there was simply evolving into the next phase in life. You just need a better understanding of evolution. You never know which direction it might turn. Here's a quick 4 min example video.

Into a consciousness revolution that will advance us into a higher plane of existence or thought!

Well how could he break us free? Or get the ball rolling in the right direction? Simple.

By fulfilling his mission and reason for being born or, “dreamed up" in the first place!

(Dream circle)

Being the one comes with a lot of responsibility. You don't want to be the 'one' that drops the ball the whole universe has been pushing up the hill since the beginning! The very tipping point is where we are and the very tipping point rests in the one. The one with the information and the message which can change everything as meant to be or lined up by the collective as an option.

All the correct arrows of information come to a point to form a message of truth and reality within a consciousness. 'The collective center'. The universe being designed this way to shape and form a collective center. Or 'consciousness of its own'. That person just needs to point the correct arrows back and put it in writing. If thought creates matter and you are the collective center positioned to form the correct understanding of reality. When you form that correct understanding of reality, you in turn also create it that way as meant to be. Like a timeless circle of creation if that makes sense.

The universe has been shaping itself the whole time for this turning point that truly rest on the shoulders of a man just like the story of, 'ATLAS' . The universe has been shaping itself to create and present the definition of truth and reality along with a learning process.

"That's the definition of truth and reality"

You will be able to know its the truth because you can connect the dots or follow the same arrows. Being able to see the exact same message from the universe that he see's. In a sense its a message to and from ourselves. Considering we did it unknowingly and we are connected to the god being the invisible driving force as well as consciousness entirely which is literally everything. Its a message from god.

This message came together gracefully as it was always meant to with traceable paths and connections. Reference points and a clear painting. A message that makes sense to grow from. The universe is a graceful place!

Its a story formed out of all our stories and real world situations. Yes the story centers around a point. A center point is a centering concept of reality. To help it find and center itself once and for all. Its an effort the whole universe making to center itself.

When planet earth is at its most divided and separated someone will come and bring us together with a message. The separation is what allowed him to form that message. The separation of religion and science etc. Spreading in all directions. Has given enough pieces like a puzzle to form a message. He was born to piece that puzzle together in the right place and time and form a message to spark the future. To deliver that message in the right place and time! Curtain close time. To deliver that message right before another message or timely event. All being in sync and timed harmoniously.

The 'one'. One center consciousness platform out of the collective consciousness grid we form and are a part of. To piece the puzzle together inside to center reality. So he can write the story of creation and point the arrows back creating the new reality. Undoing all the damage of the old one! As we read the story of reality it becomes created. Completing the circle of creation.

It doesn't take much to start the road towards future advancement. Figuring out our own existence is a good place to start! Leaving the former build up and the old ways behind.

That story once delivered will be the most enlightening and eye opening beautiful story the universe has ever seen. Like watching the magic return into the eyes of the world bringing the sunshine with it. After which everything will make sense in a trustworthy rather simple way.

Connecting the dots of the puzzle he will bring to light will bring an age of understanding and light. A message formed from the puzzle which has been forming since the very beginning. In order to set the new world up for ourselves. A world we understand and are a part of again.

The correct understanding of reality alone is a huge step towards universal harmony inside and out. Your personal universe and the physical universe. Closely related and tied together. The universe is a harmonious place if we understand it as such. How else would it be so beautiful?

Understanding. Connecting. Beginning.

You look at the universe and you start to think. What is all this and why is it so beautiful but why are we so lost and feel disconnected from it in a way. A simple understanding can change everything. How are you thinking? What is a thought and why do we have them?

The beings are the whole point to the universe. The whole point the universe is shaped the way it is, is so beings can evolve and develop consciousness. Like one mass evolving universe. Once consciousness and self awareness is obtained and after self realization of self creation. Reality can become formed and life can begin! The universe evolving at the same time in the same direction being connected and moving as one. Think of god like one evolving consciousness you being a part of it. The consciousness is the beings as well as the platform in which the beings live. Being a subconscious projection of the beings internal universe and understanding. This is why a simple understanding can change everything this right here being a starting point.

ou will be able to see personal symbolic connections and coincidences to this message. Proving to yourself that YOU are just as important a piece of the puzzle and message. We all form together as one.

With one piece of the puzzle missing the whole picture can't form. We are all pieces of the same puzzle. Everything is and there is no such thing as an outside piece. One piece has to be here in order for another, so on and so forth. We wouldn't be who we are internally without everyone else. For a "good" consciousness to exist a "bad" one has to. Or else how would we know good from bad? This is the principal of creation. How do you know what anything is until you create it all and learn from it. After separate and chaotic, center it. After spreading far and wide in order to create a center point or "happy middle". To come up with the concept of the center first you have to spread out in all directions. I think the 'one' being the direct middle and all parts equally is a good centering concept. You may ask yourself why planet earth as the center of creation? Well believe it or not earth is in a very tough and low dimension. The phrase start at the bottom and rise uphill. Get through the bad learn what bad is and ascend out of it. In a strong appreciative manner. The phrase all uphill from here.

That lowest dimension being a dimension of thought or misconstrued understanding which has us in the lowest 'mental' dimension of understanding and consciousness. This has left a lot of us lost and afraid. Not as strong internally as we could be. Also considering reality reflects our internal and mental understanding or internal universe. It has in turn reflected outwards onto reality itself making it in-fact a tough dimension. Which could change easily with simple understanding. Changing our internal world changes the outside one as well. We are all over the map on separate wave lengths and so is reality. So it seems confusing and hectic. All to build up to a centering or tipping point which will bring us together and release us into a new world which makes sense and feels secure. When we feel secure about our reality it becomes secure. When we are afraid of reality it becomes scary. A double edged sword grab it firmly and take control.

Think of the one as the builder of the puzzle trying to piece it together. Once he does it gets super glued and sealed. He himself is a puzzle piece. The last piece. First to get the ball rolling- last to fit in.

I know there isn't a lot of trust established in the universe right now. But that's what needs to change.

This is the universe's plan to take back control and earn our trust back. It will do that by forming a simple message. As you gain understanding of the message you gain trust of the message. That message is life formed by a trustworthy traceable character born to do so.

You are the planet!

Which is why even when one astronaut leaves earth its creating a gap or missing link. Imagine knowing the truth once and for all with everyone else and feeling included in the universe yet again! All kinds of new possibilities will open up we can move on to our next phase in life what ever that may be. At least were making steps. Maybe the next phase and the whole point is just to truly live free. It all starts with a simple message. The universe has been shaping since the beginning to form. But it is very straight forward and simple. There is so much confusion I believe a simple understanding is best.

A message to bring us all together as one.

Teamwork makes the Dreamwork!

A message to show us what reality is! So we can leave the old ways behind!

Understanding is that message. Love is that message. The understanding that love founded this universe is that message. Selfless love. Love is how we rise and how we come together. The whole reason you are here and the point to the universe. A self creating self loving being that ascends as it loves itself. Love being our natural wiring and the strongest energy in the universe. The centering concept or goal of the universe. What is love? God is love!

Love is a product of this universe evolving into consciousness and emotion. The reason for evolution in the first place. To figure everything out including emotions. The whole point to life is to love. We are not here to love the earth but the beings. Loving the beings is loving the earth. You want to explore the earth but you want someone to take in the sights with you! You want to love yourself each other and the earth as if they were one in the same because they are one in the same you.

The phrase: I am one with the universe.

So this character known as the one, simply because there is only one of him, there only can be. The term: We are all one. Doesn't come without responsibility. The last one being Jesus's Christ!

Was created and born in the right place and time to write:

The final story.(The recap story of stories)

Teaching us a lesson and advancing us into the future. Telling a true story simply, our story.

This character was placed right in the center to see, interpret and write that story. At what many consider the very end of life which is actually only the very beginning!

This character was given a hard walk of life and had to see things from the bottom so the message he creates and the reality he creates will be one for everyone leaving no one out. Gaining compassion along the way. He himself normally being the one left out will leave no one out. Experiencing life as: The dreamer left at home. The underdog of the universe. Us humans being that underdog of the universe itself. His life in comparison to the world is like ours to the universe. Sheltered and afraid from the unknown conditions of the universe. Gaining strength to step into the dark or unknown as to shine the light on it and brighten it up. Him having to muster up strength to face the world as well with his findings. Us having to do the same and face the universe. He is afraid or hesitant to deliver the message as we are to read it. 100% equal. A (reflection).

Imagine it was you with the burden as well as incredible responsibility to deliver THE message to mankind. Facing a lot of potential and almost guaranteed backlash. For some one to say they are the 'one' sounds very self centered. Which is ironic considering he is supposed to literally be the centering concept. In this case the character is not self centered but very centered with himself. Meaning he is very centered with the universe. Being centered with the universe is being centered with yourself. That's the whole point. Consciousness has been evolving and the next evolutionary step is to be centered or "found". In a sense we basically evolved to a point of self discovery, figuring out our own existence. Whats ironic is as we figure out our own existence we create our own existence at the exact same time! Thoughts create matter.

Being one with the universe sensing our hesitation and feeling it himself, has allowed him to create a well written message with steps and trails to follow. As to ease both sides equally into it. Knowing this is a huge transition with big statements. The difficult decision is full disclosure or take it slow and in steps. Is he ready and are we? Its a lot of pressure and weight for one person. As the collective center however the tests he is faced with are meant to teach great strength and lessons. To both him and us following the story. Like one of our sons turning into a man. Its a lesson to watch. They say Jesus was the son of god and we are equally a part of god. Meaning we dreamed him up through or god did rather! Maybe this is why he didn't have a father because we were his 100% equal father. More specifically the new one was as the collective center or us 100% equally. Looking back and creating Jesus as a creation point and the king of the universe. Jesus doing his actions created the new one. Again like a circle of creation.


Things will change when we learn about the reality the earth the universe, god and we ourselves have been setting up since the beginning all as one. Once we make this realization the way we will look at everything from here on out will be completely different. Like another phase or perception. That's all it takes being able to step back and see the big picture of things and the bold puzzle being formed. Evidence to show you this universe has more going on than meets the eye. obviously there is more to it than random chaos. Random chaos existed because that's what worked for us, that's what made sense to us. Making sense of the universe is the basis for existence. We rise slow as we gradually take steps towards making sense of our existence and life. As we make sense we gain confidence and strength. The reality we in turn create becomes stronger right along with us.

The reason for creation. The beings. To build characteristics courage and strength. You cant be born rich or already know it all. There would be no appreciation or comparisons.

Life is a learning experience as well as a creating experience. The whole universe evolves as one and is forming like one massive production.

Considering reality is a projection of our consciousness. When we figure out the truth and get formed into shape so to speak. So will the universe. But it starts inside of you! Learning is key! Learning is the whole point. Its starts inside of you but that message telling you that started out here. Like a balance or circle is how it always will be. Because your consciousness takes place out here in the physical world. You then bounce everything around in your head creating a reflection and pin point of consciousness or thought. The outside universe will provide all the answers about life so you can learn from it, change your internal understanding of life. With a changed collective understanding of life life itself is then changed. That is the principal. So you see the importance of a global information revolution or a consciousness shift or leap in evolution. Often times one sparking the next or the road too. It will trigger ascension towards better planes of existence which will start to open up as we do. What the spiritual community calls mass awakenings or a big event! A global consciousness revolution.

Its not a blast of energy leaving us confused in a new world we cant understand. The timing of the universe has it set up that we will learn at the correct rate. As to reflect or project the correct reality in the correct time. Its a simple learning and understanding process which will bring us to a new world. A shift in consciousness, When the planets attention gets shifted in the new and correct direction. Beginning the re healing process.

Rising from that point and continuing the process until we reach the desirable place we want to settle at.

This is a more hands on movie. Its more of a learning process. This is a movie you are directly involved in. This movie is real life. The next leap in our evolutionary climb is a leap in consciousness understanding which will bring us up into the next plane of existence or the dreamland.

There is a process of learning first in order to get there. The same process as mentioned in the bible referring to the Paradise Earth.

Life is about connections. Connect the dots between evolution and the paradise earth. Who's to say the next evolutionary leap doesn't spark the road to the paradise earth?

(Evolution is a spiritual thing called spiritual evolution).

Who's to say the Sheppard who will bring all nations together as mentioned in the bible isn't the 'one' with the final message and knowledge? To connect the dots between all worlds or "puzzle pieces", in order to find the one truth in the center and bring all worlds together. To make sense of a senseless world and to simplify reality in a way that we can understand. Integration is key and god or the universe's plan. TO bring us all together to a tipping or turning point and to draw the line between good and evil so to speak. To draw the line in the middle of it all.

The one would be the mediator or the piece to base integration around the 'host' working perfectly as this character.

Sometimes the most obvious things are right in front of your face the whole time.

NEO is an anagram for ONE. The cross Jesus was on: looks like a T for Truth.

In the bible Jesus was known as the "Last Adam". They say everything is connected as sacred geometry down to the Atom or Adam.


So when passing the bread and wine this would bring an all new meaning to the term: Body of Christ.

In the religious world and the spiritual/conspiracy world. They both mention the same thing ironically at the same exact time. "A big event!".

The spiritual communities believe it is a leap in consciousness. Which will ascend earth into the new 5-D Earth or Gaia. Maybe that leap is when we learn the true nature of reality and connect the dots. Taking the time to connect the dots and expand your mind is the key to expansion of reality. The willingness to learn is the simple road to peace. The willingness to get out of the box is what brings you out of the box up to new levels of understanding and awareness.

There will be a point where its more than irony. To many things 'ironically" have led us here to this point for it to just be "ironic" or coincidence. That's the puzzle. When so many coincidences and ironic events happen indirectly but almost intentionally to lead the ship meaning earth to a certain tipping point. Being able to look back with all the proper facts allows to you get a clear image of the puzzle. How we are all independent but overtime we truly do move as one being leaving a traceable message in our wake. One no one would notice if not placed properly and wired properly to do so. Like he's not a member of our interconnected system but is. Like Neo an anomaly. Allowing his to almost have an outside different perspective. Consciousness is about ascending or rising above.

Now what if the one is real and he does have a message and this is in-fact a dream with a host?

What this means is no longer will you have a natural internal feeling to figure out your own existence. Because you have figured it out already. This means there is no more need for the puzzle or message to be formed. No internal driving force that feels lost and needs to preoccupy itself before going crazy. We can come together and reach for new unseen futures. There no longer is a message to be formed and never again will there be a need for one as well as a writer or message flipper. Message formed and delivered! That message was the message of reality so there is no need for more than one.

This is how it was a future for us being lined up the whole time. The information necessary to form this large and final piece came from all the other pieces. Information stems down from somewhere. A point of consciousness. Placed to absorb information from many sources all around. Form his own interpretation of all of it. Put it all together and pass it along like a puzzle piece.

If you do your research on the full behind the scenes story available on the link down at the bottom you should be able to see a bold puzzle being formed. This story tops it off! Its a connect the dots type of world. There are many links and parts to this message all branching off of this website. After researching all of them completely you can connect the dots between everything. This should leave you with a complete understanding of the concept. The one isn't here to take over the world and lead or even paint the full picture and guide you step by step. Simply to get the ball kicked off in the right direction. Learning on your own is the way to gain strength we just need the direction.

Open minded research is key. The 'one' would be the most open minded person on the planet. The one is the key.

Everything points in the same direction

The Face on Mars looks like the shroud of Turin.

The pillars of God look Just like ALF!
"I wrote the story using him as the main character before I realized this!"
I got the idea to use ALF from a dream my former girlfriend had that he saved the world!

ALF ALPHA (Animal League Foundation ALF)

The speed of light is 299729458 miles per second compared to the location of the pyramids 29.9729458 Degree’s North. (Ra was the sun god - light)

Could the pyramids have been attempts to raise the earths vibration or frequency? (Planetary frequency which matches the population)


We need to look for incredible symbolic connections and see things in a new light. Considering things are now presented in a new light. Its all about how you look at things. You might look at things one way and overlook the obvious right in front of you. You might go back and look at the same thing in a new way with a different perspective and suddenly see something new!

Men in Black 2: Princess Laurana. In the movie the whole plot is based around locating the “light of Zartha”. Come to find out Princess Laurana herself is the light of Zartha. The leader of her people. When ever she cries like in the ending scene as she leaves earth. It rains.. In this case the light just got here

How you can get a clear visualization of how we operate as one giant brain. How do you know all your information? It all stems back to somewhere.

Example. Your placed in the world. You try to find the truth about reality and life. You learn all kinds of information from various places. Various sources and people with their understandings about life. You soak in all the concepts you have heard. You piece it all together expanding on ideas and form your own understanding. You then share your understanding and point of view about reality.Here comes he next guy looking for truth about reality. As he does his search, he stumbles across your information and expands on it using it as a piece of his "puzzle". Putting together his own interpretation and understanding.

He then turns around and shares his understanding. Furthering the overall puzzle.

So on and so forth.

This is happening everywhere with everyone and has been since the beginning. Growing and evolving from generation to generation. One idea to the next. As the planets brain evolves so does our individual brain to match it.

Like one being operating together and expanding trying to figure out its own existence.

How come we are all wired differently but all want to seek out the truth in different ways?

There is a point to all the confusion and spreading out. All the spreading out and evolving is leading to a certain tipping point. By doing so it has painted a picture.

The idea of the "one" is. he/she is that point. Placed directly in the right place and time. To piece together the final puzzle and correct it. To be thrown in the mix of the chaos to make sense of it.

The only difference is his puzzle and thoughts match the universe to a T showing him that his interpretation is correct. Meaning everything he does symbolically reflects the universe.

Realizing it centers largely around him in order to be able to form a message. Yes that sounds very self centered to say. In this case the character is very much centered with himself! But not self centered. Truly being at 'one' with himself and the universe.

He wants you to be as well!

Overtime he was able to form the perfect puzzle inside his mind. Realizing he now has a responsibility and a choice. Share or not share? Care or not care? So when he posts his understanding. One it will make the most sense out of anything else. With an endless supply of worldly reference points to back the story/ theory.

Those reference points will be right down the middle of spirituality and science. Our fictional world and factual world. To show you they are not that much apart. All playing different positions of the same game building up and forming the same message in hopes to bring us all together. Forming so closely together it mine as well been one person doing it all. In a sense it was, that's the point. The references will be right down the middle In order to draw the line and bring the world together as one. Those reference points are the stories and creations which we ourselves have been creating and writing since the beginning. All so he can splice them together and form the one and final message out of them!

Making this a message you don't want to miss. You helped to make it!

This character is positioned and placed right in the center of the "puzzle' to form the true "puzzle". Then is meant to share it with the world getting the ball rolling in the right and final direction. This is where the universe has led him. To fulfilling a higher mission!

"House Manager".

If you look. You will also see symbolic coincidences and connections start to happen all around you. The world is a magical place for you to embrace. Like purchasing a brand new car and seeing the same car everywhere suddenly. Its all about your subconscious awareness and understanding. What you look for and whats on your mind. If nothing miraculous is on your mind and you aren't open to them you wont see them or even overlook them.

You simply need to see the same puzzle and it will all make sense. Not only is there an endless supply of references but the direction is the overall direction the planet is leaning towards anyways. The one direction it can head in.(consciousness).

Like I said this is the direction as a whole we are heading in.
Consciousness awareness.

People are waking up to the fact they are awake! Consider this characters information a just a centering point for the whole concept. A starting point in the right direction. After build up to this direction.

Connect the dots to this message and try to see the puzzle. Everything coming to a bottleneck on planet earth. Which is right on the verge of a spiritual revolution.

Of peace truth, understanding and love.

I think its time we expand our mind. Personal and planetary. Its starts with your personal mind.

New mindset- New world.

life is your understanding and perception of it. I think its time we all had a better understanding which will lead to a better point of view leading to a better tomorrow. With a better outlook on life the sky is the limit.

Symbolic coincidences are everywhere. They help to paint a picture.

The picture is that we are all connected as one helping to paint the same picture.

(connections will prove we are connected) To each other, to the universe, to the one. We are one.

Backing up to the concept of Neo and shared dreams. He wants to break free and fly like superman. He wants to show the world how to as well. A world without limitations.

He simply wants us to be able to make sense of it like he did. That's all it takes!

Making sense: The basis for reality.

Equally as important is love. The strongest energy alive.

Its the universes message or painting. He's just the brush.

The most beautiful painting in the universe is coming ready to be looked at. Just make sure you look at it in the right light or you might completely overlook it. Its more than just a: “coincidence”.

Its called a: “Miracle”

The more you look the more you see.

But if you aren’t open or don’t look for them. You may never know when one is right in front of you.

The reality you live in is based off your global understanding of it.

I think its time you got a proper understanding .

Think of it like a collectively designed matrix. Only a dream...

The future I imagine is. We are in tune with the truth the universe ourselves and each other. We all live as ascended beings who have a great understanding of life and its meaning. There isn't any particular person we praise or worship either. Just peace and understanding for all.

Connect the dots of the puzzle. We all know all things make sense looking back on them right? Before you know something you have to learn it, we all know this. Imagine a world so in tune with the truth it would be impossible for anyone to start a cult or become a false leader and attempt to rule. Also we can end wars over religion. Stop the need to build this puzzle or message for ourselves!

The future is bright you might wanna grab your shades. But first grab your reading glasses.

[It only makes sense if you see the full picture.] But you might need to step out of the box in order to do so.

Last note. It is your freedom to believe what ever the heck you want. I am not trying to force anything down anyones throat. If you think this is interesting and want to read more. Feel free

I am simply putting it up in the air!

last note. My intentions are to spread information and continue the puzzle. Meaning. You absorb this information and make your own interpretations of it. Possibly passing it along to others. This is how we figure things out as a whole. Ideas have to start from somewhere. My ideas originated from many various sources. One Trusted Source would be Gaia.com with there very large foundation. There you can learn the truth about earths secret struggle! I don't have a membership personally and get nothing for advertising them. I am mentioning them simply as a reference point you can trace down if you are interested in doing more research on your own.

What got me originally working on these series and this concept was a dream.

Dream Girl in Pink Clouds
I had a dream ten years ago of an incredible song I then called dream music. I felt Like I was inside a music video. It was multiple songs flowing with other songs to form one song with one message. As if they were made to fit together. Ten years later I recreated the song I dreamed of.
That Easy

You can find more music and pieces to the puzzle at my Youtube channel.

Its motivation music for the future!

Believe it or not music is the key to the future!

Compare the music to the overall story and it will help to paint the full picture.

Lets move mountains:

Plate Tectonics
And the wolf will dwell with the lamb, And the leopard will lie down with the young goat, And the calf and the young lion and the fatling together; And a little boy will lead them.

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