STEM is an interesting subject with an almost endless amount of things to do. STEM was originally SMET exept was soon change to STEM. STEM stands for Science Technology Engineering and Math. STEM is a very fun subject because you can do a lot of building that is Science and math related. I dont know what I would do without STEM.

This is a robot is being telepathically controled

Technology is fun because you learn how to use things like green screens and touchcast. Touchcast is a app that is used for editing videos. A green screen is a screen that is green and you can put an image on. That is why I think STEM is an important subject.

This is the app touchcast studio.

STEM is a very new thingthat was recently created. STEM was created by a group of people who worked at a school and the name was only changed by one person. The peson who canged the name of STEM thoght SMET sounded wierd. Now some schools instead of haveing STEM they have STEAM. STEAM stands for Science Technology Engineering Arts and Math.


This is one of many ways of how to build a spaghetti bridge. First go to any store that sells spaghetti and marshmallows and buy around a bag of marshmallows a box of spaghetti. DO NOT COOK SPAGHETTI OR EAT MARSHMALLOWS TILL FINISHED. When you attach pieces of spaghetti together you stick them each in a side of a marshmallows. Also make the sticks of spaghetti 2-3 pieces on one the birdge.

Spaghetti and marshmallows

Second, you have to build a base and make sure it is around 10 inches wider than the gap you are filling so you can have around 5 inches on each side so there is a good amount of support.


Third, you have to make a top support and make sure they are triangles Because triangles are one of the most strong structures when you are building a bridge. You can do anything you want with the left over materials. Like make a meal or put the marshmallows in your hot choclate during the winter. Tip: When you are finished testing, if it was a lot of work, smash it and crush it over the trash can because it is very satisfying. Now you have a spaghetti bridge.

This is a finished spaghetti bridge being tested


STEM has many similarities and differences to normal science class. In both classes we do stuff that is science related and are really fun. In STEM we do a lot of building. In normal science class we do no building and more do stuff on our ipads. Here is an explanation.

In STEM and science we do things like experiments and labs. We have done 5 or 6 experiments in both classes and we have done 1-4 labs in both classes. In both classes I have a lot of fun in and really enjoy them. There are also some down sides. A down side is that we will be told to do something one way and be told to do it another way in the other class. That is how those 2 classes are similar.

In STEM we do a lot of building. In STEM we have done 3 projects with biulding. We have done spaghetti brige chalange, egg drop (only my group survived the last round of droping), and the invention project. All of these projects I had a lot of fun in. Even though egg drop and spaghetti bridge challenge were very challenging they were all fun in the end.

This is what I made in egg drop. Egg Drop is an experiment were you have to biuld a structure that falls with the egg to keep it from breaking.

In normal science class we do a lot of work on our iPads and we do a lot more experiments that don't have to do much with building. I really like this class because we do a lot of fun things. Also the teacher who teaches this class is really fun. In our experiment we do a lot more science stuff than building. That is how normal science class is different.

This is a video called elaphant toothpaste. An experiment that shows a chemical reaction.



STEM: Science Technology Engineering and Math

Telepathically: Mentaly

Beaker: Science tool

Base: A bottom supporter

SMET: Science math engineering and technology

Egg Drop: you have to build something that falls with the egg to keep it form breaking.

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