Chile julian tushabe

  • Chile is one of South America's most prosperous countries. Economically, politically and culturally, it is arguably the most stable and favorable country of the continent to live in.
  • Neighbors with Argentina so culturally similar in some ways.

Much like USA in a number of ways.


Much like the United States, the Chilean school system begins with preschool at 5 years old. Primary school is provided for children between ages 6 and 13. Students then attend secondary school until graduation at age 17. Almost identical to that of USA.

Secondary school (high school) is split up into two parts. One is general education and the second is split up in branches; scientific humanistic education, artistic education, or technical and professional education. Al most like vocational school.

Chile is famous for having very good ski resorts as well. Many people travel to Chile for this specific reason alone.


Chile is widely regarded as one of the most stable latin american countries, largely because their government, unlike many other countries, is much less corrupt.

Constitution approved in 1980. Went into effect 1981.

Many amendments made to the constitution in 2005 by president Ricardo Lagos are deserving of credit for this stability. He got rid of positions of appointed senators known as “senators for life”, and reduced the presidential term from 6 to 4 years to avoid dictatorships.


Being close neighbors with Argentina, a lot of Argentinian cuisine is incorporated in that of Chile.

A lot of seafood is incorporated in the average Chileans diet because the have a very large coastline

One of the biggest problems facing Chile is that though it has done a lot to make itself as successful and safe of a place to live, it has done little to put itself on a global stage and do anything about its national brand on the global stage. It has a small market size because of this.

Chilean people are regarded as very formal, while still not having no sense of personal space and generally slow to trust other people.

Soccer (futbol) is the national sport of Chile and the country has a very successful national team. It includes the likes of Alexis Sanchez, a famous player for Arsenal in the Barclay's Premier League.



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