Indie Pop

Blanks' music can usually be described as upbeat and happy while his lyrics always express feelings and issues that many people might be able to relate to. With funky guitar rhythm and incorporation of synths and drums, Blanks' music is something a lot of people are going to love.

Similar Artists: Dayglow, COIN, HUNNY

Dempsey Hope


Dempsey Hope's style is characterized by his voice, story-telling ability and mid-paced tempo. Utilizing melodies and happy sounding beats, Dempsey shares his experiences and struggles in life.

Similar Artists: Tai Verdes, JayXander, Jack Kays

Tai Verdes


Tai Verdes' music has blown up on the social media app, TikTok. He has grown from a small-town artist working at Verizon, to where now he is one of today's top up-and-coming artists. Tai's music also tends to be upbeat and happy but he talks about his experiences and his life.

Similar Artists: Alexander 23, Johnny 2 Phones, Dempsey Hope

Jack Keys

Alternative Pop

Jack Kays is known for singing over simple guitar melodies while singing about his struggles and the things he deals with in his life. He puts passion behind his words that you can hear in the strain of his voice. While he does not have as happy of a sound as the others on this list, Jack's music is real and genuine.

Similar Artists: JayXander, Guardin, 347aiden

Dominic Fike

Alternative Rap

What makes Dominic Fike so interesting is his combination of atmospheric melodies for his choruses and rapping cadence for his verses. This combination gives alternative rap fans the best of both worlds: melodies and rap.

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