Secret Tresuare BY:leyLa rizVi

One day witch was making a soup for her dinner.She put secret medicines and started to cook it.The witch licked her lips when she saw the soup ready!!!She was very exited to taste her delicious soup.She was ready to show this soup to her mom and dad.Santa clous was listing the gifts for the children.His helper elf was making socks for cristmas.The dears in the car was playing with eachoter.İn the fairys country fairys where working for the special contest.There were making food with honey.They are making ornamentals for the big contest everyone was working very hard.İn the pirate ship the pirate was working his fight with his helper.He will be the one in his pirate race.When witch sat on the table,when santa clous was ready to fly off with his car,when the contest was starting and when the pirate was ready to fight they saw a gold paper next to them.The secret bird was sending these paper,becaouse there is a big trasuare waiting for them...


İn the treasure there was a little gold necklas waiting for the fairy.There is a strong metal knife for the pirate.There is a secret medicine for the ugly witch.There is a nice red hat waiting for santa.They were looking at the gold secret paper and the paper was saying: Hello my name is the secret mermade if you find me i will give you the treasure.You need to come to the secret sea the secret sea is in the secret forest you need to go there.İ will not give you the map find it when you find your way the secret gold bird will help you if you find the place just clap your hands you will find me.İf you find me i will...OH NO THE PAPER İS ENDİNG AT THİS PART WHAT WİLL WE DO NOW!!!They went and they found the secret treasure.

The fairy

They will meet at the forest.10 min. LATER...

The pirate



Created with images by bomei615 - "craft wooden treasure" • Sean MacEntee - "Forest" • say_cheddar - "Pirates of Calais" • TRF_Mr_Hyde - "Witches" • srqpix - "Santa"

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