Frankenstein Themes Society shapes people's behavior

the monster's behavior alters from the start. victor his creator leaves him and wants nothing to do with him. "I threw myself on the bed in my clothes, endeavoring to seek a few moments of 70" Victor cant not sleep knowing he created this monster so he leaves him.
The Monster wonders into a village, trying to understand how humans work while there and was immediately chased down. "I inflicted pain on the cottagers" pg 138 The monster was not wanted in the village
"He dashed me to the ground and struck me violently with a stick"pg 170 The monster was only trying find someone who cares about him approaching the delaacy dad because he was blind and wouldn't fear his physical appearance .Trying to protect his dad Felix darted at the monster.
After the monster gets shot for trying to save a girl from drowning his perspective on life changes. "My daily vows rose for revenge". pg 178 The monster believes everyone is out to get him because no one listens to him or is either scared of him.
The monster now has no one and as he cries over Victors body he is disappointed that he turned evil he no longer as his creator he says "I shall die and what i now feel no longer be felt."


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