W. Eugene Smith bY: aUtumn clewis

W. Eugene Smith was born December 30th, 1918 in Wichita, Kansas he stayed there all his childhood and up to his high school years where he graduated. The time period which so ironic is he was born around the same time the first world war was ending.

What happened in Eugene's life that was significant was he part of WW2 as a war correspondent for flying magazine like 2 years before he joined life magazine. He had severe injury's from covering the battle of Okinawa this event stands out because it shows how he was able to use what happened to him in wartime as a power movement for real-life issues.

The overall meaning of his artwork is to be seen and to spread awareness such as his iconic piece of the girl smoking that shows us now how it can be caught not like a ball, but like a cold how easy it can be taken in and then cause problems all around the child's body. Also, to spreads a message of how oppression isn't just at home, but how its everywhere and is shown abroad.

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