Madeline Howlett B7

I'd like to be a pastry chef. Pastry chefs get to create beautiful food. They also create some of the most delicious foods. They get paid an average salary of $61,851
My dream vacation would be to go to Florida and go to discovery cove. I would take advantage of the free food they have everywhere in the park.
This photo shows poor sanitation. There is trash on the floor. Dirty dishes are stacked on the counters and everything is unorganized and improperly placed.
We made Mexican street corn for one of our dishes. This related to us learning about different types of food and places where food is served. Such as festivals or amusement parks where this particular food would typically be sold.
We made chicken Cesar salad with homeade croutons. This applied to how we were learning about cross contamination. We had to be careful to keep the raw chicken away from any ready to eat parts of the dish and make sure we used different knives and cutting boards and surfaces for each one.

Term 2 Madeline Howlett B7

knife cuts
Medium dice
I'd like to have a kitchenAid mixer in my future kitchen. I found this one on Williams Sonoma's website. It costs $279.96
We made bean bruschetta. Beans are high in fiber. Most Americans do not have enough fiber in their diet. Fiber helps clean out your system because your digestive system can't digest it so it works like a scrubber through your guts.
We made cheesy bread with a spiced and an herb. We chose basil (herb) and mustard seed (spice). Herbs are the leaves, stems or flowers of the plant whereas spices are the bark, roots, seeds, buds or berries of the plant.
We made various dishes using the different mother sauces. The five mother sauces are Bechamel, Veloute, Espagnolel, Tomato and Hollandaise.

Term 3 Madeline Howlett B7

My favorite fruit is a banana because it's so sweet. It grows in warm, tropical places like Africa, South America, The Honduras, Ecuador, etc. In the USA some are grown in Hawaii and Southern Florida.
My favorite vegetable is green beans, but I only like them all soggy out of a can. Yum. Fresh ones are too crunchy and taste weird; I don't like them. Green beans are grown pretty much all over, the top producers of green beans are China, Indonesia, India, and Turkey. We also grow lots of green beans in the US.
This is my 'dressed for success' outfit. I would wear it to a job interview because it's nice enough to let them know that I'm taking it seriously and dressing professionally. I chose black and white because those are typically seen as more professional than bright colors.
This is the apple swan we made. IT taught us how to make fancy things and impress people. It was also to help us practice our knife cuts. It went along with the concept of learning things in groups. (like group job training)
This was our breakfast burrito. I really liked it because it was a yummy, healthy, relatively easy to make meal you could have for breakfast. We did this lab to demonstrate how managers worked. We had one person telling us what to do when we made this lab.
These were our strawberry muffins. We made them because it was valentines day. They fit with the how we were learning about different foods and colors being associated with holidays and different times of the year.

Prostart Term 4

This is a Continental (American) style formal place setting. The knife and spoon are on the right, forks on the left, bread plate on the top left and drinks on the top right as is custom for a Continental place setting.
I use some of the above methods to handle stress. I go out into nature, read a book, listen to music or have a bath.
For one of our labs all the labs made different cookies for a meeting. We made snickerdoodles and they were perfect.
This is bananas foster. It was first made in a restaurant in new Orleans.
We made pancakes with different types of flour. We used rice flour. I liked the oatmeal ones too.
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