#WoofWednesdays Bayou's Adoption Success Story

Bayou at HSTT

One spring day, there was a cardboard box behind Napa Auto Parts on Donner Pass Road that wasn't supposed to be there. When an employee opened it up, he found two young pups. They were wearing collars but no tags, so he brought them to the Town of Truckee Animal Shelter. Animal Services staff scanned them for microchips but didn't find any, so they didn't have any way to identify the owners.

Blossom and Bayou were found in a cardboard box behind Napa Auto Parts

They posted a picture of the little ones to Facebook to see if anyone recognized them, and that post cycled around social media for a week. You might think, if someone left these little ones out there, they probably didn't want them back. So why try to find the owners? Because animal abandonment is a crime, and part of Animal Services job is to investigate it. Unfortunately the trail went cold on how Blossom and Bayou ended up in that cardboard box. Why someone abandoned them in this way, instead of ensuring their safety and bringing them directly to Animal Services, we'll never know. These pups were lucky; it appeared that they hadn't been out there for an extended time, the weather was mild, and they were brought to the right place for care. In the long run, Bayou and his sister Blossom may have gotten their lucky break.

Bayou and Blossom at HSTT

After a legally required holding period of five days, Animal Services transferred Bayou and Blossom to HSTT and they were made available for adoption. Another sweet picture of the pups went up on Facebook, which is what first brought Miranda and Shawn in "just to look". Shawn tossed the tennis ball and Bayou instantly chased after it, while Blossom just sat and watched. Something about that moment clicked for them, and they knew they wanted to bring the little guy home.

Bayou settled in pretty quickly

Bayou's life has definitely taken a turn for the better; from the cardboard box to hanging out with his brother Milo, wrestling with his best friend Sierra, and snuggling with his humans, Shawn and Miranda.

Sierra, Milo and Bayou enjoying the snow
Bayou and his big bro Milo are pretty darn sweet together
An all-seasons family
Bayou is such a little adventure pup, and loves to sniff all of the great smells Tahoe has to offer. We love our little cuddle bug so much, and couldn't imagine life without him!

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