We can’t wait to see you! Here’s everything you need to know. Thursday 3 September 2020 Edinburgh Napier University

It's nearly time for you to be back studying and learning with us and we're very excited to have you back.

Life is very different now and for the times you are on campus, it will be different too. We have spent the summer months getting our campuses ready to welcome you in a safe and comfortable way.

We are fully compliant with all Scottish Government guidance and we are doing everything possible to make our campuses safe for our students and staff.

Please read all the information below as it will tell you what you need to do to safely access our campuses.

We hope you are looking forward to being back at University as much as we are looking forward to having you with us.

Complete the checklist before going on campus

Before you come to campus, you must complete this Health & Safety checklist. It will tell you everything you need to do and everything you need to read before visiting our buildings.

Click here to access the checklist on myNapier.

Being on campus

We have introduced floor markings, directional signage, one-way entrance and exits, and a number of other changes all designed to help keep you safe.

Please look out for these and follow all the guidance when moving around campus.

Always maintain social distancing and turn up for class on time to reduce queuing. Also, if you do not require to be in the campus you are encouraged to leave as soon as the class has finished.

Please respect each other and follow good manners and behaviour and always be courteous where access is restricted e.g. narrow corridors and stairs.

A one-way system will be implemented across our campuses. There will be floor markings and signage to guide you throughout the building. Where queues are likely to form, it is essential that we respect each other and maintain a safe distance of two metres.

Before coming into campus, do a check on both your own and your household’s health and check you are feeling well. (Note: household can also mean other people you share accommodation with).

Do not come to the university if you or anyone you live with has:

  • A high temperature (above 37.8C)
  • A new continuous cough
  • A change to sense of smell or taste

If you or others in your household do not feel well or if there is any doubt, please stay at home and let your school know you are unwell.

You must not attend classes and should visit www.nhsinform.scot where you can book a test online and find further information. You can also book a test by calling 0800 028 2816.

We will be recording attendance in all on-campus classes, in line with Scottish Government guidance. This will be done by using the iNapier app.

Face coverings

Face coverings must be worn on campus, at our other teaching venues at EICC (Edinburgh International Conference Centre), Eric Liddell Centre and Murrayfield, accommodation, communal areas and all other teaching areas. Keep your face covering on until you are seated in the teaching space.

There are special circumstances when students or staff do not need to wear face coverings, so if you see someone not wearing one, remember to be respectful as they may have a very good reason for not wearing them.

What is a face covering?

  • These can be scarfs, bandanas, etc., alternatively you can make face coverings at home.
  • Face shields may be used, but only if they are worn in addition to a face covering underneath, as the evidence shows that they do not provide adequate protection.
  • The key thing is it should cover the mouth and nose but not inhibit your ability to breathe freely in any way.
  • It is essential you wash or sanitise your hands before and after putting it on.

Wearing a face covering must not be considered an alternative to social distancing, you must maintain social distancing wherever possible.

Click here to see how to safely wear and take off a face covering.

The wearing of gloves in communal areas is not recommended. Students should remember gloves can become contaminated and this contamination can be passed to other shared surfaces and your face. Regular hand washing is the most effective way to limit the spread of infection.

App to access campus

We will be introducing a new way to tell us when you're on campus. We will be asking all students and staff to use the iNapier app to scan a QR Code when arriving on campus.

This will allow you to register your attendance on campus.

We will have posters with QR codes near the entrances of all our campuses and throughout our buildings.

Please only use the iNapier app to read the QR code as it will not activate using other QR code readers.

The app will be introduced during the early part of trimester one, and we will give you an update to let you know more once it has been put in place.

Hand washing

Hand washing with soap and water for 20 seconds is very effective against coronavirus. Please wash your hands thoroughly whenever you have the opportunity.

You need to wash your hands:

  • When you arrive on campus and when you leave to go home.
  • When you leave your workspace.
  • Before and after any breaks.
  • Before and after putting a face covering on.
  • After touching shared surfaces e.g. handrails, light switches, printers, shared equipment.

Hand sanitiser

There are frequent hand sanitising stations at the entrance and around the campus - please use them!

  • If hand washing facilities are not available, you can use hand sanitiser.
  • If you pass a hand sanitiser point on site, please use it.
  • Allow the sanitiser to dry fully before touching any surfaces.

Cleaning on campus - by you and by us!

As part of the phased re-opening of buildings there will be a cleaning procedure in place to ensure that the areas being re-opened are adequately cleaned. There will also be ongoing cleaning of these buildings with a focus on the common and other high volume/high touch areas. To aid the cleaning process, cleaning materials will be available for you to wipe down your work area before and after your class, or once you have finished working in library study spaces and computer stations.

Resource Booker

All students looking to book space on campus or use University equipment must now do so by using the new Resource Booker system.

If you are looking to use a lab, PC, laptop, library space, or anything else that’s not part of your timetable, you need to use the Resource Booker to book them before coming on to campus.

We have created this booker to allow students to access space and equipment in a safe and socially-distanced way.

The booker also allows you to manage your bookings and cancel them if you no longer need them.

It is easy to use and can be accessed by visiting Resource Booker on myNapier. It is also always on the side bar on myNapier. You can also access them by using the iNapier app. Click here to find out how to download the app.

If you have any questions about accessing Resource Booker, contact the IS Service Desk at isservicedesk@napier.ac.uk.

Laptop loan scheme

The University’s laptop loan scheme will be available from the beginning of Trimester 1, allowing you to borrow a laptop. Click here to find out more about this scheme on myNapier.

Our campus computers will also be available to use, provided you book a space on Resource Booker.

Getting to campus

While some of your classes may be taking place online, all our campuses are still open, should you need to visit for classes or to use pre-booked study spaces.

We’ve put together helpful guides for getting to all our University campuses, as well as information on the travel options and facilities available to you if you have classes at Murrayfield, Eric Liddell Centre, and EICC (Edinburgh International Conference Centre).

Please visit the Transport and Travel pages on myNapier for all you need to know about getting to campus and what support we have available, including sustainable travel options and offers.

Free campus car parking in September

In order to provide everyone with as many safe travel options as possible, we will be offering parking free of charge at Sighthill and Craiglockhart for September. Permits will not be required at this time, however, it will be a first-come-first-served provision and we will continue to monitor the car park to ensure safety for all of our users.

Parking at Merchiston will also be free of charge for this period, however, will be reserved for the use of existing permits holders only. Only those with existing permits will be able to park at Merchiston Campus.

Throughout this period, we will be monitoring demand for parking and will keep you updated of any changes.

For more information on car parking and travelling to campus, please visit myNapier.

The Student Charter explains your responsibility and sets out the level of service you can expect while you are studying with us.

Student Charter

The Student Charter is one of the most important documents of your university experience. It explains how you are to behave as a student and has been updated to reflect the new world of Covid-19.

It includes key information about your responsibilities as students and it is vital that you read it thoroughly and comply.

Please remember that you are always representing the University and we have high expectations of our students off campus as well as on it.

Students who do not comply with the Student Charter, particularly with relation to coronavirus safety guidelines, will be disciplined.

Click here to access the Student Charter on myNapier.

Buying food and drinks on campus – our new Click and Collect catering service

All food at our campus canteens can now be bought using our new Click and Collect catering service.

The system has been put in place to ensure social distancing around our busy catering areas while making it easy for you to order food and drinks at a time that is convenient for you.

To sign up, please click here, where you will be able to register an account using your Edinburgh Napier email address. If you already have an account, you can log in using your existing details.

Once on the website, you’ll be able to see what food and drinks are available for Click and Collect. Just add what you want to your order, pay using the funds in your account, and then collect during your chosen timeslot.

Click and Collect points will be located at the main catering facility at each campus – The Hydra at Craiglockhart, The Triangle at Merchiston and The Atrium at Sighthill.

Please note that for safety reasons we are only able to hold all food orders for 15 minutes past the allocated collection time. If you have not collected your food by the end of this time, we will be unable to offer a refund. Please help us by making sure you collect your food within the designated collection time.

To begin with we will be offering hot drinks, soup, sandwiches and some snacks. We will assess demand and then expand the menu if appropriate, to include two main cooked meals a day, one of which will be vegetarian.

Our smaller cafes such as Starbucks will be open for walk-in purchases with social distancing. Vending machines will continue to be available on our campuses. More information, including detailed instructions on how to sign up, is available on myNapier.

If you have any further questions, please contact enjoy@napier.ac.uk.

Changes to how you use the campus libraries

For your safety, there have been a number of changes made to how you access and use our libraries.

This is to make sure that our libraries are places where you can learn comfortably and safely.

You can find out all of the latest information on myNapier's library news page.

Restricted lift access on campus

The lifts will be reserved only for those students and staff with mobility issues.

For social distancing reasons, our lifts are only accessible by one person at a time, and we have chosen to reserve them for those who most need them.

If you are a student who, for reasons visible or invisible, will need to use the lifts around our campuses, you will need to get official authorisation.

You can do this by contacting Student Wellbeing & Inclusion. You can access them by visiting my.napier.ac.uk/talkinghelps

Please be considerate of others who are given authorisation to use lifts. Remember that there are many invisible reasons who someone may need to use a lift.

Classes at Murrayfield, Eric Liddell Centre and EICC (Edinburgh International Conference Centre)

When you access your timetable, you may notice that some of your classes will be held at Murrayfield, Eric Liddell Centre, or EICC (Edinburgh International Conference Centre).

We have taken out space at both locations to help cater for the extra space needed during Covid-19 and there are some extra safety measures you will be expected to take part in, such as thermal testing.

These will be explained to you when you arrive at EICC or Murrayfield.

You will need to bring your Student Card to these locations to verify your identity. You can also show your virtual Student Card, using the iNapier app. It is also best practice to carry your Student Card whenever you are on campus.

When visiting Murrayfield, please be aware that there is a bubble in place so please do not approach the staff or rugby players unless instructed to do so.

Click here to find out about these facilities and travelling to them on myNapier.

ENGAGE, our state-of-the-art sports facility.

ENGAGE Fitness at Sighthill

Although the Scottish Government has announced that indoor gyms in Scotland are now able to open, our Sighthill gym, ENGAGE Fitness, will remain closed for the time being as we are using it as classroom space.

We're looking forward to welcoming both new and returning members soon! Please keep an eye on our Facebook and Instagram pages where we’ll update you with our re-opening date in the near future.

Get to know your fellow students through our accommodation events

We know the social experience is a huge part of student life, so that’s why we’re putting on a range of Residence Life events through our Student Accommodation team. Some of these will be online, like virtual quiz nights and watch parties, while others will be outdoor walking or sightseeing tours where social distancing is possible.

To keep up to date with what’s going on, make sure to follow Student Accommodation on Facebook and Instagram and check out the Residence Life page for all the details on upcoming events.

All your student printing needs covered

From leaflets or posters for your sports club or society to the printing and binding of your dissertation, the Print Services team is here to help!

Our Print Shop at Sighthill campus will be restricted to one at a time to adhere to social distancing guidelines and we will only be accepting card payments. We’ll also be launching a new online shop to make it even easier to order what you need – keep an eye on the Print Services pages on myNapier for more details!

Looking for more information?

We know that this has been a lot of information to take in, and we’re grateful for you taking the time to read it all. We have put all of these processes in place for your safety and protection.

Click here to find out further information about our health and safety guidance on myNapier.

You can also read the full official guidance document here.

For any feedback or comments on the student newsletter please email studentcomms@napier.ac.uk

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