Observing Fire Safety Britney rocheleau

Major Causes of Fire

The #1 cause of fires is carelessness with smoking and with matches

Other causes include misuse of electricity (overloaded circuits, frayed electrical wires, improperly grounded plugs), defects in heating systems, spontaneous ignition, improper rubbish disposal, and arson.

A fire needs 3 things to survive.

Oxygen: present in the air

Fuel: any material that will burn.

Heat: sparks, matches, flames.

3 basic facts healthcare providers need to know.

How do fires start?

Fires may be caused by many things, some examples are; lightning, candles being left unattended, and carelessness with matches and smoking.

How to prevent the fire?

To help prevent fires you should practice fire drills, make sure smoke alarms work, also make sure everything is unplugged from walls if you are leaving and blow out candles when they are being left unattended.

How to respond when a fire occurs?

When a fire occurs you should remain calm. If you are in a building get as many people out of the building as quick as possible. While exiting the building stay low, or crawl to stay out of the smoke. Once you are safe and away from the fire call 911.

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