Francois Marie arouet (Voltaire) By: beesan mahmoud

Lived during the period time of: 1700

Nation of origin: France


He published more than 70 books of political essays, philosophy and drama. His ideas were freedom of thought, expression, and religious freedom. He believed that religion was a personal matter and one can chose what religion they want to be in. He didn't believe in Divine rights which means that the king was chosen by God to rule. That people had right to protest and also separation of church and state.


The impacts his idea had on the society was that now their is a separation between the church and the government. His idea of freedom of thought and expression lead into the U.S bill of rights and the French declaration rights of man and citizens. European monarchs reduced and eliminated censorship. For freedom of speech the European monarch reduced persecution which is mistreatment because of religious, race or political beliefs.

How did Voltaire's thoughts impact traditional beliefs in society?

His thoughts impacted traditional beliefs in society because people had believed in Divine rights which was the king got chosen by the god to rule which was not right. Also that one can chose what religion they want to be. It was up to them and no one else. Now you can chose what ever religion you want to be instead of someone telling you that you have to be what ever religion they are.

Quote of Wisdom

"Judge a man by his questions rather than his answers."

This means to me that rather than judging how they answer the question think about how they ask the question.

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