Forskitt From East Anglia to Ireland

An origin of the name

Origins - Anglo Saxon, From the Term Fox Cote: A forest where foxes Dwell. Eventually evolved into Foskett and then Forskitt

The Cotswolds, Buckinghamshire, Northamptonshire, Bedfordshire, Warickshire, Shropshire and London

Various Places in England With names such as Foxcote, and its various derivatives. I'm Decsended from 2 of the 3 genetic lines of Fosketts, hailing from Bedfordshire and London

About me...

Amateur Photographer, Amateur Comedian, Professional Star Wars fan, Professional animal Lover and a student.

Born in 1996 in England, to an English father and an Anglo-Irish mother. Moved to Ireland from Northamptonshire in 2010.

One brother, Staff Sergeant in the English army, two sisters, one is a nurse, the other is a student

No, I am your father...

My father, Alan was born in 1955. His father John is from Wellingborough, Northamptonshire, and his mother, Dora, is from Uppermill, Yorkshire.

He is an only child.

Landscape Surveyor for 30 years, now a carer for the elderly.

Met my mother in 1992, married in 2003. They can never remember their anniversary.

For years I did not think this was my father, but actually his mother.

No, I am your Father's Father - Darth Vader Sr.

John French Forskitt, born in 1915. Served in italy during WWII, His older brothers fought in France during WWI. One of which was medically discharged, as he got shot in the left buttock. The other had a finger amputated but was not discharged.

Married his wife, Dora Fielding, in Saddleworth, 1942. After the war, he worked in a steel foundry, and eventually became the storekeeper for the foundry. in 1955 my father was born when john was 41. My father was the same age when i was born.

John is named after Sir John French, 1st earl of Ypres, Field marshal of the British army, who was a veteran of the Boer war, first world war (of which he was the Commander in chief of the British forces in France for 2 years) and The war for Irish independence. He went on to become the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, and opposed the militarization of Ireland during the war for independence.


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