Solar Panels By: Jonathan stockhausen

For years now, scientists have been trying to find new ways to create energy that does not harm the environment. Solar panels have been around for some time, but they have yet been able to really make an impact in the search for a new source of renewable energy. Fortunately, Tesla may have eliminated a reason as to why people are refusing to power their homes with solar panels.

Tesla is a well-known brand due to its high-class cars, but its new solar shingles can push the company to an entirely new level.

One major problem with the use of social panels is what some people call the "NIMBY" effect (Jenden, 1). NIMBY stands for "Not In My Back Yard". This means that some people refuse to use solar panels solely because they are not aesthetically appealing. Tesla's newest creation has the ability to eliminate the entire idea of the NIMBY effect by producing roof tiles that hide the solar panels. These tiles will appear to be the same as every other house in the neighborhood, except they can be used to power someone's home by using solar energy. This will push people to invest in Tesla's product and help sway away on society's dependence on electricty and gas powered machines.

This home is not appealing to look at because it has multiple solar panels stacked on top of the roof. This is a large reason why some people refuse to invest in solar panels even though they are great for the environment.

Using solar energy has many perks. First, solar energy is extremely clean compared to fossil fuels and it will reduce the amount of greenhouse emissions into the atmosphere. Studys show that in New York, if a household transitions solely to solar energy, it would eliminate so much carbon emission into the environment. It is comparable to burning 5,253 less pounds of coal each year (Matasci, 7). Another reason why solar panels are beneficial for society is because solar energy is free. Once you invest in the panels that absorb the sun's light, you will never have to pay for an electricty bill ever again. Lastly, these solar panels pose a health benefit to society. Studies show that solar energy reduces cardio and respiratory health issues. When solar energy is used, certain gasses like nitrous oxide and sulfur dioxide levels are reduced. These types of gasses are known for creating health problems, but with solar energy, society can become healthier as a whole. It is obvious what the benefits of solar panels are, the only problem is that people need to buy into the idea. Once society decides to accept this new form of energy, our earth will become a better place.

Solar panels will result in more money and better health.


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