A place of pain.

The buzz of the everyday hassle echoes inside an empty corridor, the sounds bouncing of the dull walls. A door stands tall beside a pin board covered with dust. Old posters promoting old events to raise money for various charities. The corridor looks so regular you could be anywhere, but you're not, you know you're not, you can smell it on the walls, hear it in the screams . A hospital. A place of miracles and pain.

The strong smell of disinfectant fizzes and burns inside my nostrils causing my eyes to water, streams of salted water running down the contours of my face and then I can't stop them they keep coming. I mustn't. I must stay strong I have to stay strong. but it's like this weakness pulling, clawing, tearing at my every being telling me, pushing me to give in. it's like I am at war with myself fighting just to gain control, dealing with the consequences of things I can't remember. falling apart whilst trying to glue myself back to gather shattering whilst building up a wall. they tell me i'm getting closer and there right. closer to the end.

I'm a phoenix my heart filled with fire that dies away to ashes only to be followed by a blazing rage.

the beeping noise is irritating


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