Now this was 2016 CelebrAting jesuS in cheT

We are one year older. Time just flew like a fast breeze. A big mixture of laughter and cries, wins and losses, relief and frustration. We experienced how narrow we are. But above all we have sensed how wide is Love. Love from Above. How great and awesome is our God. In Him we trust.

We were happy to be with this amazing church family for the 17th time.


Celebrating the NEW Year with our youngsters.
Kids snow-party!
Kitchen donations from Bellotto Marghita
Presbiter conference in Érsemjén (Simian)
Exodus Discipleship Academy has began in Sutor
The Living Stones in Kisszántó
The Living Stones is worshiping in Hegyközpályi (Paleu)
Our Kitchen "Squad" is in action.
Pastors' Study Group
We offered donations for a family which lost his home in a fire
We have started a new evangelization program for the youth, the CROSSROADS.
Worship night in Érendréd (Andrid)
Carnival in Eutichos School


We have started this month with our annual Prayer Week with guest speakers and worship teams.

More in February:

We have started a new school extension project in two stages, of which the first will be finalized in early 2017, thanks to Peter Hauri and a very generous Foundation from Luxembourg. (The white and red section is the new set of buildings)
We visited with our choir our very good friends from Szilágybagos (Boghis), Pastor Nagy Tibor and his congregation.
Bible Study Nights with brethren from the area
We spent a blessed weekend with the Living Stones in Hungary, worshiping in Tápiószele and surroundings. We were blessed with the opportunity to sing even in schools!
Our choir sang in Bogyoszló (Buduslau)
Worship night with the Living Stones in Pusztaújlak (Uileacu de Cris)
I have been given the honor to become a founding member and Vice President of Exodus Eastern Europe. A great joy to be a part of this team and this wonderful journey!
Presbiters' Conference in Érszőllős (Viisoara).
Prayer Week in Kismajtény (Moftinu Mic)
Continuing to have lots of fun with our youngsters on Crossroads Meetings.


Youth Ministry Envisioning Day with youth leaders
Wedding Party with the Living Stones in Désháza!
Worshiping with the Stones in Szatmárnémeti (Satu-Mare)
Our very welcoming host from Szatmárnémeti.
We are very blessed by the several humanitarian transports received from Promotie and Van den Heerik Foundations, Holland.
These guys are volunteer drivers, it is so cool!
Huuray! We had a wonderful worship time with youngsters from the region in Érkeserű (Chesereu).
Celebrating and remembering our national heroes.
Look at that! Fudgy Brownies a la Paul!
Helping Caritas Catolica Marghita with some beds.
We have lots of fun and blessings with these guys from Hardinxveld, Holland. They are so faithful and sacrificial Friends! Thank you!
Visiting the Eutichos Kids.
Everybody is HAPPY!
Together with my co-workers I attended a special Worship Symposium in Debrecen, Hungary.
Dávid and Réka, the two co-workers. Good staff.
Gardening with Eutichos Kids.
Special Good Friday Celebration
An unexpected "surprise" just before Easter: our water pump broke.
My faithful mate and co-leader: Attila, the Chief-Elder.
Some Family Time! So precious and so seldom, unfortunately. We were


My dear Father had his 70th Birthday. This was His last one with us. We had a wonderful celebration together. Lord, thank you for my Father.
Presbiters' Conference.
Promotie and Van den Heerik Easter Parcels arrived.
These lovingly prepared parcels speak about the diligence and sacrifice of lots of volunteers from Promotie.
And we have our own wonderful volunteers, too!
The Deutz-tractor was a donation of Promotie. Works really well.
We had a supercelebration with the Stones in Resica (Resita).
The Stones with pastor Megyasszai in Resica. They do a wonderful job there.
Living Stones Worship in Végvár (Tormac)
Transport from Hardinxveld
We were the guest of the University Calvinist Church Debrecen with the Stones
Brotherly meeting with our wonderful Exodus-Guys: Jim and David. Obviously Tonka is leading the conversation. Or the eating?
A bit of minibus-overload: we took our Eutichos-kids to Marghita!
The beautidul building of the Reformed College of Debrecen...
...where we had an openstage worship-time with the Stones.
In the chapel of the Reformed College.
Peter Hauri, our good and faithful friend is meeting with István Elekes, the builder in charge with the Eutichos School-Extension Project.
István Elekes well equipped workshop in Mirsid. This is where the Eutichos-School is getting shape.

hevat 2016!


The month started wonderful: our good Friends, Piet de Jong, Jan de Bruin and their wives visited us.
Work therapy with the Eutichos kids!
Exodus' Discipleship Academy in Sutor.
Exodus Discipleship Academy Comissioning service.
Bachelors Party! Levente is getting married!
Levente and Anita's Wedding
Moving forward with the School Extension Project
Experiental Education Training in Ágya (Adea)
Peter Hauri sent a big load of insulation material. He has consistently helped the Partium Christian University, too.


Usual humanitarian aid from Promotie and Van den Heerik Foundations.
Each year we are very-very proud of our successful youngsters belonging to our community: what a great sign of God's redemptive love. Here is Bernadett who became Best Student of the Year.
And Timea, who got her BA as a primary school teacher.
We had a great worship concert with the Stones in Nagyvárad (Oradea)...organized by the CE Oradea
...and a great Garden Party after that!
Our corestaff of Summer Youth Camp had it's meeting in Szilágybagos (Boghis)
Dutch volunteer truck drivers.
Youth meeting with the older generation. They are all volunteer co-workers in local youth ministry.
Presbiters' Conference in Bogyoszló (Buduslau)
Presbiters' Conference in Bogyoszló
Visiting roma families...
...where the poverty is high.
Excelling students in Eutichos School
Eutichos School Staff
Eutichos Kids.

Children's Summer Camp

We spent a wonderful week with our kids in the mountains, at Peniel Camping, Lesu. It has been fantastic, with wonderful young co-workers!


Children's Camp, Murony, Hungary

Children's Camp in Murony, Hungary. Our youngsters were the leaders of this wonderful week with a bunch of amazing kids from a little village from East-Hungary. We are very grateful to see young leaders emerging from our community.

Another highlight of the year is our annual Exodus Camp. A group from Northern-Ireland spends some quality time with us, our kids and youngsters and builds the Kingdom in our village. What a super-time we had this year, too! Thanks, guys!

This year was amazingly rich in camps: we had not only one but two Exodus teams, but two, the second one coming from Bugyi, Hungary. A group of well prepared and enthusiastic youngsters who did a wonderful job! Thanks!

More in July:

I was a guest speaker in a Teenager's Camp near Nagybánya (Baia Mare)
We were celebrating 17 years of marriage.

And the biggest surprise of the year: my good old Friends gathered in secret to make me a surprise and celebrate me on my 40th Birthday! What a blessing! I was really amazed!

Captions of the celebration


We had a wonderful meeting with Eutichos Staff and invited guests from the local school as we have been introduced into the "The Leader in Me " alternative educational model. Bernath Krisztina, Phd and Jakab Julianna, PhD were leading us in this new, wonderful method.
We are struggling together to find a possible solution for our Roma kids as we are trying to give them a better chance in life.

And The Big Event in Agust: Peniel Youth Camp in Lesu! Amazing time with almost 300 participants!

After the Camp we definitely needed some private time with family and friends.

So, we went to Croatia and enjoyed a wonderful week together.

The Gang: Wonderful People. We just love them.

Aren't we still young and restless?


Our wonderful young friends, talented musicians in the Stones, Ágoston and Hajnalka had their wedding.
An amazing event: a very peculiar musical instrument, its inventor, and some really talented Roma kids were delighting us on a Sunday. Ádám Templi is putting a great effort in kids with social disadvantages. What a great, inspiring work!
Pastors devotional time in Monospetri (Petreu).
Our Kids prepare the Great Camp Evaluation Day!
Presbiters' Conference in Ottomány (Otomani)
I was invited to the Program Team of Starpoint 2017 Youth Festival
New Family Member! David Holden came from Northern Ireland to help us in our diaconal projects.
CE Conference in Marosvásárhely (Târgu Mureș)


Diaconal Symposium at our Church's Headquarter.
Kitchen Warriors.
Kids' Party Day
Kid's Party Day with the parents in action.
Kids Party Bazaar!
Dave met with Bogyó András (on the left), the director of Exodus Eastern Europe
The first stroke in the ground! We have started the School Extension Project !
Elaine, a smart and cheerful young lady from Northern Ireland was with us for three weeks! We enjoyed her presence very much, especially Márton! They became Best Friends Forever!
Family day with Levente and Anita. We invited the newly wed couple to the movie.
Elaine is working really hard!
Last photo with my Dad. Celebrating Márton's 5th Birthday.
Family Photo on Márton's 5th Birthday.
Among Good Friends.
Annual Pastors' Conference in Gyalu (Gilau)
On the site- the location for the new school building
Planning the work.
A wonderful Training Day for our staff and young volunteers. Professional coaches were leading us into a deeper self-knowledge.
Exodus training is Sutor
Jim Brown, Exodus CEO is leading the training in Sutor
Brothers in arms.
We were Celebrating Dave's Birthday !
Birthday Cake for our elderly.
Exodus Director, Bogyó András and me on an Exodus Staff Adventure in Barcelona
Exodus Staff Training in Coma Ruga, Spain
Exodus Staff
Visit of our wonderful Friends from Hardinxveld, Holland.


Family Weekend with good Friends.
Youth Bible Study Contest in Szalacs (Salacea)
Our Girls, the National Champions, at the Bible Study Contest.
Regional Bible Nights with pastor Visky István.
Elaine has finished her mission in Kéc. Hope not forever!
After a long struggle with the disease, my dear Father went Home.
My Father's Vigil.
School Extension Project - Planning with Peter Hauri, our main supporter.
Finalized plans of the new school.
Interior plans of the new school.
Together with Krisztina, Alpár and Tamás at the Evangelical Leadership Forum in Harkány, Hungary
Evangelical Leadership Forum in Harkány, Hungary.
Celebrating Advent with the New Testament Band.
Regional Bible Night in Érszőllős (Viisoara)


Guest Sunday with the brethren from Érsemjén (Simian)
Exodus Eastern Europe Board Meeting in Debrecen.
Santa Claus brought Márton a set of drums!
Maarten visited the site of the new school building

Christmas parcels from Foundation Promotie Holland

These amazing volunteers from Promotie, Holland, pack each year thousands of gifts for our families all over Romania. Thank you, Maarten, thank you Henk, and all you wonderful volunteers!

The Reformed Commando: Distributing Christmas parcels with my Presbiters.


Lots of preparations were made in order to have a wonderful celebration of our Father's joy and the Plan of Salvation through our Wonderful Savior. Weeks ahead everybody was mobilized. Kids, youngsters, adults were preparing something to add to the taste of this season.

Before the Big Day we had a separate celebration for Eutichos School. Loads of kids were gathered, superexcited about the fact that they were to receive some special gifts from Holland!

The youngest ones
The parents..
Folk players.
The older ones.
The wonderful gifts!
And all together very joyful!

Christmas Eve is a special Evening for the whole church family. There are no places left empty in the church , and hopefully no heart stays totally untouched by God's Spirit. We receive joyfully the good tidings.

Scenes of the Christmas Eve Service

Our Nóra was singing about the huge sacrifice God made for us giving Jesus to death for our sins.

After the Service the all excited and thrilled kids from the church family received their gifts! What a joy they had! Ohohoho!

Superhappy kids on Christmas Eve!

All went well on Christmas Eve, we were surrounded by God's amazing love and grace. Celebration continued with family and friends, our only sorrow was my father's absence. We all missed him very much.

Celebrating with the Family.

First Day of Christmas was for deepening our relationship with the Lord. The Lord's Supper gathered us around Him and each other. Emma, a young theological student, was preaching in the congregation.

A superhighlight is our annual Christmas Concert with the Living Stones and his Young Friends. We had a special Concert this year: it has been connected to a fundraising for our Easter Evangelization Camp 2017 (HEVAT). We had two fullhouse supernights in worship and awe, first in Chet, then in Viisoara!

The Living Stones
The Choir
The Audience in Worship
Fundraising Coupons for Easter Evangelization Camp
The second night in Viisoara

And a small sample of the performance :

Dear Jesus, we need you. Our hearts desire you. You are our only comfort, peace and wondrous Savior. Thank you for your everlasting Love and Care. Thank you for the Life. For the Eternity. Be you blessed for all our Friends, Brothers, Sisters, for that wonderful Family which is Yours and through You is ours, too. We entrust our lives and our beloved Ones to You. Be you glorified in Us. Forever. You are Wonderful!

Dears, thank you for being always here for us. We wish you a blessed life in the coming Year. Let us walk with Him in 2017!

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