Shakespeare William Shakespeare was an amazing playwright, poet, and actor. He had to really work to get as far as he did.

Shakespeare is the best dramatist and and one of the best poet's England has produced, according to many people. In order to get to his level he had to work hard on his works. He had to make many works too. Overtime, people really realized that he was very talented so he became successful.

Shakespeare's life wasn't a very unusual one but there is a gap in what is known. His exact birthday is unknown but, "William Shakespeare was born in the small market town of Stratford-upon-Avon in 1564, the third of eight children...the generally accepted date for Shakespeare’s birth is April 23"(Lander). Shakespeare born on April 23, 1564 in Stratford-upon-Avon. That is the accepted date of his birth because he was baptized on the 26th and people were generally baptized three days after their birthday's. "On Nov. 27, 1582, Shakespeare received a license to marry Anne Hathaway, the daughter of a local farmer... At the age of 18, William was young to marry, while Anne at 26 was of normal marrying age. The marriage appears to have been hurried, and the birth of their first child, Susanna, in May 1583 came only six months after marriage. Some scholars have suggested that William may have been forced to marry Anne because she was pregnant. However, birth and marriage records indicate that many women in England at that time were already pregnant before they married, and so Shakespeare’s marriage was not unusual"(Lander). Shakespeare had what seemed to be a hurried marriage to Anne Hathaway. It is suggested that it was because she was pregnant which was not unusual for women in that time. "Shakespeare revised his will. Within a month, he died. He was buried inside the Stratford parish church. His monument records the day of death as April 23, the generally accepted date of his birth"(Lander). Shakespeare died not too soon after he revised his will. He died on his generally accepted birth, April 23, 1616. As you can see, Shakespeare's life had unknown gaps in it where his life is undocumented.

Shakespeare worked hard to get to the point he was at, he wrote many works to get there too. "Shakespeare wrote at least 38 plays, two major narrative poems, a sequence of sonnets, and several short poems" (Lander). Shakespeare made many works throughout his lifetime. He made plays poems and sonnets. They show how in order for him to become one of the best he had to do a lot of work. "At some point after his marriage, and probably after the birth of his children, Shakespeare must have made his way to London and joined the theatrical world there. Little is known for certain about how this happened, but it is thought that Shakespeare might have first worked as a minor actor in one of London's theater companies before making his name as a playwright"(Baker). Shakespeare somehow got to London and joined the theater there, there is little known about how. He started off from the very beginning as a minor actor and worked his way to become a playwright. "By 1592, Shakespeare apparently attracted the hostile attention of a jealous rival. Robert Greene was a university-trained writer who was among the first to attempt to make a career of writing for the stage and the commercial press"(Lander). Shakespeare had people who were jealous of his works. Those who become good get admirers but they also get people who do not like them or people who are jealous. Clearly, his hard work payed off when he became people's favorite even if there were obstacles.

Shakespeare kept performing and writing and over time got much better so he was successful. "...As You Like It was performed for the king. Another marker of Shakespeare's success was seen in his being granted, as a member of the King's Men, four yards of red cloth to mark the new king's regal procession through London on March 15, 1604"(Baker). Shakespeare even got to perform in front of the king. On March 15, 1604, Shakespeare was granted as a member of the King's Men which shows his success. "James Burbage's theater was dismantled shortly after Christmas 1598 and rebuilt as the Globe Theatre...The theater burned down on June 29, 1613, during a performance of Shakespeare and his collaborator's Henry VIII . Unlike other theaters, which were operated by entrepreneurs, the Globe was run and owned by the leading members of the Chamberlain's Men. Shakespeare himself put up 10 percent of the costs for the transformation of the theater into the Globe"(Baker). Shakespeare even performed at a theater in which he partially owned. When it burnt down he helped transform it into the globe by putting in ten percent of the costs. "...the 154 sonnets... Two sonnets, 138 and 144, are printed in the second edition of a collection of 20 brief poems attributed to Shakespeare...(Baker)". Shakespeare wrote many works. It shows hard he worked to go from just barely beginning to getting much better. As conveyed, his hard work made him successful over time.

Shakespeare's personal life was not unusual for his time. But, he does have undocumented parts of his life where we don't know what happened. Shakespeare wrote a lot of works throughout his lifetime. As a result, as he continued trying he became successful and people really enjoyed his works. So always try your best at things to see what you have accomplished in the end.

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